Bobbin Lace Edging and Insertion (2012-61 Tb13)

Square table cloth with linen bobbin lace edging and insertion-
30 inches square
(Eager Collection, Lowndes County Historical Museum)

This linen table cloth is divided into four 13 inch squares (only one forth of the table cloth is shown here). Each square displays three sets of 1/4 inch tucks on each side of the four edges which intersect at the corners. These square patches are then joined together by a 5/8 inch edging. The whole piece is then edged with a 7/8 inch wide double binding. A 1 7/8 inch wide linen flounce with 3 sets of inverted 1/8 inch tucks are hemmed with a 1 1/4 inch wide linen bobbin lace edging and attached to the binding. This is currently on display in the museum’s Handmade Lace Exhibit.