1900-1940s Women’s Hats

Ladies Large Cream Colored Hat  1993-3-2 THB38

This lovely example of a 1900-1908 hat is believed to  belonged to Eugene Johnston Eager (b. 22 Jan1888 d. 17 Dec 1981) wife of William Goronwy Eager (b. 1885 d 23 Sept 1946), and was given to the museum by W.G. Eager Jr. and his wife Dorothy Hopkins Eager. The cream colored felted beaver silk is enhanced by  plums of cream colored ostrich feathers and a large beaded pearl broach. The inside is lined with cream colored silk and is gathered in the center with a silk ribbon to allow for adjustments. A tag attached to the inside lining reveals that it came from Simpson Crawford Co, Sixth Ave. N.Y

Brim: 8 ” wide
Crown: 10″ small and flat
Inside measurements:
Adjustable inside with inner lining silk and gathered with ribbon
Circa: 1900-1908

Ladies Finely Woven Straw Hat In Natural Color UNK# 2 THB6R12Sa

This simple summer hat is made of very finely woven straw, a crown with a shaped flat top and a wide gross grain ribbon with a bow on the right side. Common to casual summer straw hats, it has no inner lining in the crown; however, the white silk band on the inside is stamped with “C. Whittington, Valdosta, Georgia”, (the final store it was purchased) and “Dobbs, Regency”, “Dobbs, 5th Ave, New York”, (the supplier).

Madelaine Watson Dandridge (b. 1882 South Carolina d 1952 Sunset Hill) is listed in the 1910 US Census living with her parents, George and Marie Watson and her five year old daughter Neil on Webster St. in Valdosta. In 1913, she gained experience working for Burruss Bros. before before opening her own shop. Upon her marriage on February 4, 1915 to Dr. Clarence Whittington, a dentist (b. 14 Mar 1877 d. 1944 Sunset Hill, WWI Veteran) , she opened Whittingtons Ready-To-Wear & Millinery at 111 N. Patterson St., Valdosta as seen in the Polk’s Valdosta City Directories 1917-1918. The couple made their home at 308 Webster St. in Valdosta. The “millinery” was dropped from the store’s name in the 1923 directory and is therefore significant in dating this hat. From 1915 when she married Dr. Whittington to 1922 when the “Millinery” was dropped from her store name dates this hat.

Madeline Watson Whittington kept her store. In the 1930 directory, her ready-to-wear shop was expanded to include 108-110 Patterson St; however, the 1933 Telephone book lists the store at 110 N. Patterson. By 1937 the store is located at 132 N Patterson. Though Madelaine Whittington died in 1952, the shop is last seen in the directories in 1961.

Date: 1915-1922
Brim: 3 ¼”
Crown: 4”Ribbon: 1 ½”

Finely Woven Straw Hat From C.C. Varnedoe Store THB 16 UNK #1 R13Sd

In dating this hat the C.C. Varnedoe store dates were considered but not totally conclusive. 1878 Mr. Charles Carroll Varnedoe ( B 15 Aug 1843 d. 15 Dec 1920 buried Sunset Cemetery) opened the C.C. Varnedoe Store located on 134-136 Patterson St. in down town Valdosta. His descendants managed the store after him. The store closed between 1996 and 1997 since it is listed in the 1996 Valdosta City Directory and the phone book of 1996-1997 but are not listed in the 1997-1998 phone book nor city directory. This hat has no lining. Inside the hat is a lined silk sweatband with the stamping of the C.C. Varnedoe and the Leighton Fifth Ave and the size 22 1/2 tag sewn in and a glued in tag “Made in Ecuador.” The green diamonds are sewn in by hand (which may or may not have been added later). This hat is dated between 1910-1950. The museum is still searching for more information on this hat. Please contact the museum if you have information regarding this hat.

Lining: None
Crown: 12 ½ in.
Brim: 2 in.
Sweatband: silk cut on bias and lined
Tags/ Stamps: “Made exclusively for CC Varnadoe” stamped onto silk bias sweatband in brown ink, and Leighton Fifth Avenue also stamped with brown ink to silk sweatband,
Made in Ecuador glue in tag Size: 22 ½

Ladies Fine Straw Hat with Green Band 2010-25-043 Louie Peeples White Collection THB65 R12SE

This fine straw hat with turned down brim in front and green softly pleated crepe scarf band is decorated with 4 large clusters of green glass beads and silk stems. The voucher in the box says “Burger-Phillips since 1895” as well as inside tags. The style of this hat is indicative of the 20’s and Burger-Phillips was in business then. Louie Peeples White and her sister Eliza were born in 1920 so this hat probably belonged to Louie’s mother Ethel O Brantley Peeples (b. 1890 d. 1981, Sunset Hill Cemetery) who married Russel A Peeples in 1918. There are several other hats within the Louie Peeples White Collection some from her mother but Louie Peeples White was also a collector of hats and was known for wearing hats as her signature style . At one time she organized a “Bring back hats club” in Valdosta which met at the museum. More of her collection is shown throughout the museum’s web site. For more information on Louie Peeples White see https://valdostamuseum.com/collections/textiles/red-cross-textiles/

For information on Arthur White, Louie Peeples White’s husband see https://valdostamuseum.com/collections/textiles/military/wwii-textiles/wwii-u-z-and-spe…wwii-collections/

Tag: is “Burger-Phillips Company Birmingham”L and B Karo
Crown:4″ tall
Brim: 2 3/4″ front turned down, 2” back
White tear drop hat pin may not have been original to hat
Circa: 1925

Black Feather Whimsy UNK #1 THB37R13Sd

Wrapped wire with feathers in swirls fits around crown of head on each side
Crown 8 ½
7 inch swirls
Circa:1920-1930’s, dated due to style and materials used

Circa 1930-1940’s Hats

Buckram Form2010-25–015 Louie Peeples White THB41 R13Sa

Natural Colored Buckram forms were sometimes covered with fashion material and decorated..
Tag says Adjustable Consumer’s Protection Label 6038 and has a price tag on it $2.95.
Large brimed hats such as cartwheel and picture hats were popular in the 1930’s since this has a Consumer Protection Label it would be dated late 30’s.

Small Dark Blue-velvet Hat 2010-25-008, Louie Peeples White Collection THB42 R13Se

Decoration: Green velvet trim and velvet flowers
Brim: none
Makes v on right side
Tag: Ribbon type sewn in Marian Marcia Exclusives
Circa: 1930’s, dated for materials, style, amd lined

Black Velvet High Crown Hat 2010-25-178 Louie Peeples White Collection THB48 R13Se

Black velvet tall hat
Crown: 5” tall in front 4 ¼” in back
Label: Duby hats, New York
Brim close upturned 1 ¾”front -1/4”back,
Hat band: gross ribbon 2”with upper ¼” gross grain ribbon of same color to “finish” edge of hatband with bow in back
Sweatband : grossgrain
Tag: Union made tag JC 388077
Misscoloring “bleaching” on one side of upturn due to hairspray or alcohol in perfume
Circa: 1930-1940, dated due to style, lined and Union tag

Small Pinkish Beige Hat Acq 2009-055-04 THB26 R12Sd

Woven in a plain weave on form
Brim 1 ¾” wide
Decorated with velvet white small flowers, silk leaves and beige flowers around the brim ,
Dimensions from side to side 11”
Circa 40/ 50’-, resembles “bonnet ” style which briefly reappeared in the 40’s
(This bonnet was found by Dixie Lee Howler in her historic home in Jasper, Florida. and is not sure to whom it belonged.)

Wide Brim Violet Straw Hat 2010-25-006 Louie Peeples White Collection THB41 R13Sa

Decoration: simple narrow purple velvet flat ribbon and a cluster of pearls in center of bow, Bows on each side of hat.
Brim: 4 ½ ” wide in front and tapers to 1 inch in back
Tag: Kutz
Circa:1940-1950s Wide brim hats are hard to date because of the expanse of time in popularity

Lavender Straw Hat 2010-24-07 Louie Peeples White THB41 R13Sa

Decorated with coiled straw encircled with lavender velvet pipping.
Velvet pipping connects crown to brim front
Tag : “Clemar Original by Wesco” -Sewn in
Circa: 1940’s

Navy with Roses 2010-25–010Louie Peeples White Collection THB41 R13Sa

Hat redone, originally a beret style hat, straw
Lining removed, 8 roses in front added
No tag
Many hats over the years were reworked, reshaped, and/or redecorated to keep up with the modern style or to match a current outfit.
Circa: 1940s

Dark Navy Blue, White and Beige Straw Hat 2010-25-009 Louie Peeples White Collection THB42R13Se

Large single navy blue straw leaf on one side
No brim
Tag: Ribbon sewn in Made Expressly for Kutz
Size: 22 ½
Circa 1930-1940’s