1918 Union Suit Detail of Bobbin Lace Sleeve (79-271Tb22)

Union Suit for a Georgia Bride’s Trousseau features bobbin lace on the sleeves, neckline, and pant hems. (Lowndes County Historical Museum)

This piece of clothing is called a “union suit” meaning that the bodice and pantaloons are cut into one piece. The neckline is gathered at the top by a narrow silk ribbon and may be untied for dressing. This beautifully constructed piece also features bobbin lace medallions and precisely executed feather stitches. The tatting section of the lace web site has more information on this garment. The museum is still seeking identification information on this piece of clothing probably donated in 1979. If you have information pertaining to this piece, please contact the museum. (Lowndes County Historical Museum Collection)