This section contains hats archived in the museum which are part of daily costume. Most of the hats associated with organizations, military, law enforcement, firemen hats, or football helmets will be found under the specific classification under collections/textiles. For instance, you may find a WWI helmet under http://valdostamuseum.com/collections/textiles/military/wwi/.


Men’s Hats

Collapsible Top Hat 2005-006: Jennifer Altman Collection THB75R12Se

Inside maker says Jones, Parnelle, Lee & Company Savannah, GA. Hat is made of ribbed material. Trimmed with a ½” wide grosgrain black band with a bow on the side. Black silk lining. In dating this hat, business directories for Savannah were consulted. They first record Jones, Parnelle, Lee & Company in 1912 on Broughton, W. They change names in 1921 to Jones, Parnelle, Lee, Meyers, and Dasher. This hat was sometimes called an opera hat since opera required this formal wear. Men did not wear hats inside buildings so this hat collapsed and fit under the seat making it popular for such an occasion.

Brim front: 1 6/8
Hat height: 5 ½
Inside circumference: 21

Black Felt Hat  77-132-001 THB28R12Se

This top hat belonged to Willis Redden Carter (9 Sept.1872 d.4 Feb.1945). He is buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery. According to A History of Lee Street Baptist Church 1907-1957,  and his obituary, he was a charter member of Lee Street Baptist Church.  He and his wife Mary Clyde Carter had four children, Mrs. D.C. Smith, Mrs Lamar E Kemp, Alton D. Carter and Lt. Clyde Brown who served during WWII and was stationed at Turner Field, Albany at the time of his father’s death.

Material: Beaver, inside silk, leather band
Fully lined
Crown: 5 ¼ tall
Brim: 2 front and back and tapered up on sides
Size: 20 ½
Circa: 1912-1920

Black Felted Top Hat 2000-05-04THB28R12Se

This hat’s inside leather band is perforated with the words “Son Bray.” John Newton Bray (b. 22 May 1861 d. 14 Aug 1931), a native of Valdosta, GA  was the son of Jasper (John) Newton Bray (1827-1915). and resided  at 1203 N. Patterson Street. In the 1913 City Directory, the father is listed as John N. Bray and the son is listed as John N. Bray Jr. along with his wife Corie. Since they lived in the house together, they called John Newton Jr. “Son.” Therefore this hat belonged to him.

In addition, the hat is stamped inside with a “Davis Bros. Valdosta, Ga.” Another stamp shows this hat to have originated with the “Young Bros New York.” In dating the hat the Georgia Gazetteer and Business Directory of 1881-1882 did not show a Davis Bros. business. However the R.L.Polks Business Valdosta Directory of 1904 shows Davis Bros & Co. on 124 N. Patterson St. According to several internet sources, it is believed that the Youngs Bros New York was also in business at this time. Business directories between the periods 1882- 1902 for Valdosta are unknown at this time so it is unclear when the Davis Bros business actually opened.  The Davis Bros. Store was still in business in 1918-1919 directory but missing from the 1923 directory, concluding that this top hat dates between 1883 -1922.This also concurs with the dates Son Bray was living. 


Crown: 5 1/4″ tall
Band: Wool twill 3/4″ wide
Inside Band: Leather 2 1/4″ wide
Lined: silk missing lining some places on the sides
Brim: Front and back 2″ wide, turned up on sides 3/4″ wide
Circa : 1883-1922


Black Felted Hat 1988-532-1hTHB32R12Sa

This hat was marked with the last name “Durrenberger.” It is manufactured at Bennetts of London and another store stamp Young Bros.  Brooklyn, NY 371 Fulton St. The elaborate stamp gives several addresses 199, 299, 1361 Broadway, 605-607-609 Broadway. There were several different addresses listed in the 1903 NY business directory, and in 1889 it listed just one 601 Broadway. Research was inconclusive as to a date. There was no family history given on this hat. If you have further information on this hat, please contact the museum. The inside band is missing; however, this reveals penciled numbers “81240 JC which were probably manufacture identification numbers.

Hat and band is beaver
Lined at top only, had lining on sides but deteriorated
Metal Vent at top
Crown: 19” tall
Brim: 1 ¾” wide (Tapering on sides)
Inside measurement: 22”


Derby Hat 80-296 TB118R1Sb

This black hat has the initials W.C.M. perforated inside on the leather band and stands for Dr. Winston Carlyle McKey (b Feb. 22, 1888 d. April 18, 1955 Sunset Hill Cemetery). His coat and tails were also donated to the museum and his coat inside pocket reveals the date 1914. Since we believe this to be an ensemble, it probably dates the hat as well. Research on the Knox Company in N.Y. confirms this date.  Information on Dr. Winston Carlyle McKey and his wife can be found in Men’s Clothing on our collection textiles section of our web site. This hat was stamped “Knox Premier N.Y. ”

Brim front and back: 2 1/8,”sides turned up
Hat Band: Grosgrain ribbon 1” in black, tie at right,
Crown: 4”,
Size: 7
Circa: 1914

Men’s Newsboy Hat 1997-1-05 THB29R12Sb

This wool tweed newsboy hat was given by Frances Paine Tapp. Her father was Travers White Paine (b. 25 Oct 1892 d.29 Sept 1966) who married Billie Briscoe the 9th of October 1915. He worked in Paine Hardware Store in Valdosta in the 1920 Census and the 1923 City Directory lists the address as 135 N. Ashley. A.H Paine was the president and T.W. was the treasurer. In the 1953 City Directory, Travers was the owner in the same location.

The hat also has a “Converse & Co. Valdosta, Ga”. Stamp. The Converse Co. was in business early as noted in the 1904 Business Directory but was not present by 1937 located on 133-135 N Patterson St. Though this hat is still be in style today, the newsboy hat was in full fashion in the 20’s. Since we know it could not have been made after 1936 because the store was no longer in existence, we can date this hat circa 1920’s.


Red, green, off-white tweed
Leather band inside
Snaps to visor
Button at crown top
Visor: 3”
Inside: 21 ½”
Inside says:
Patrician, Tailored for Converse and Co. in Valdosta, Ga.
Circa: 1920

Quilted Beret UNK#1THB 40R12Sd


The  museum is still searching for an acquisition on this hat.
Black quilted synthetic fabric beret with black grosgrain band to finish edge
The  Monday, July 8, 1957, Valdosta Daily Times was used to stuff hat
Lining: deteriorated, but was cotton, no tags nor stamps visible
Date: 1957 or prior: dated for newspaper used to stuff

His and Hers: Matching Hats 

Green and Red Plaid Men’s Wool Hat 2010-25-013, Louie Peeples White His and Hers Collection  THB 42R13 Se

Brim-1 3/4″  quilted wool tartan  
Band also of wool tartan with fabric belt buckle   
Label: Made in Great Britain,, Woven in Scotland Lochcarron, 100% wool
Circa 1960s
Note: that this man’s cap belonged to Arthur White and matches the cap below. The cap below might have been worn by Louie White to match her husband.

Green and Wool Tartan Golf Hat 2010-25-014, Louie Peeples White His and Hers Collection THB42 R13Se

Wool tartan with crown cut on bias and matching lines in plaid, green pompom on top
Brim of wool tartan cut on grain
Patch decorates front “Old Course St. Andrews”
Tag:  BP Golf Ltd made in Scotland
Circa 1960- 1970
Note: This cap was probably worn by Louie Peeples White

Man’s  Russian Style Black Polyester Plush 2010-25-058 Louie Peeples White His and Hers Collection THB 49 R12 Se

His hat
“Saks 5th Ave” Hat
Lined: quilted gold fabric w/ black felt sweatband
Size medium
Black wool ear guard
Crown:6” H,
Brim: 3” rolled up
Note that this cap belonged to Arthur White.

Black Bucket Plush Hat 2010-25-065, Louie Peeples White Hat  THB49 R12Se

 Hers Black bucket polyester plush hat
Lined: in red
Tag: “Christine Original, New York, Park Ave”,
Crown: 4 ½” H,
Brim: 2” rolled
Note that this cap belonged to Louie Peeples White

Black Russian Hat Pleated Crown 2010-25 -179, Louie Peeples White Collection THB49 R12Se,

Her hat made of folded pleated polyester,w/black faux fur band
Brim: None,
Tag: “Gene Kittrell/Cain Sloan Co.”
Lining: green inner lining with gross grain sweatband
Crown: 3 ½” H
Note: This hat  belonged to Louie Peeples White

Quilted Wool Hat in Gray Green 2010-25-053 Louie Peeples White His and Hers Collection THB 53 R13Sc 

 His hat
Hat maker: “By Appointment to her majesty the queen hatters Herbert Johnson (Bond Street) LTD. 38 New Bond Street London W.”,
1 ½” wide self-fabric band
Brim: 2 ½”  slightly turned up, 2 ½”
Crown: 4 7/8” h
Note: This hat belonged to Arthur White

Forest Green Plush Hat  2010-25-052 Louie Peeples White His and Hers hats THB53 R13Sc 

The man’s hat above looks more grey than the woman’s hat in this photo; however, in real light they are the same color. The plush on this hat reflected the cameras light showing it more green than the one above.

Tag on the inside says “Style by Coralie”  stamped Grenaaier Imported body made in Italy
Band: green felted band and large diagonal white stitching
Top of the crown is stitched to form a ridge with more white slant stitching.
4” crown in front, 3 ½” crown in back
Brim: front 2 7/8” wide, turns down in back 2” wide
Note: This hat belonged to Louie Peeples White

Ladies Hats

Ladies Large Cream Colored Hat  1993-3-2 THB38

This lovely example of a 1900-1908 hat is believed to  belonged to Eugene Johnston Eager (b. 22 Jan 1888 d. 17 Dec 1981) wife of William Goronwy Eager (b. 1885 d 23 Sept 1946), and was given to the museum by W.G. Eager Jr. and his wife Dorothy Hopkins Eager. The cream colored felted beaver silk is enhanced by  plums of cream colored ostrich feathers and a large beaded pearl broach. The inside is lined with cream colored silk and is gathered in the center with a silk ribbon to allow for adjustments. A tag attached to the inside lining reveals that it came from Simpson Crawford Co, Sixth Ave. N.Y

Brim: 8 ” wide
Crown: 10″ small and flat
Inside measurements:
Adjustable inside with inner lining silk and gathered with ribbon
Circa: 1900-1908

Ladies Finely Woven Straw Hat In Natural Color UNK# 2 THB6R12Sa

This simple summer hat is made of very finely woven straw, a crown with a shaped flat top and a wide gross grain ribbon with a bow on the right side. Common to casual hats, it has no inner lining in the crown; however, the white silk band on the inside is stamped with “C. Whittington, Valdosta, Georgia”, (the final store it was purchased) and “Dobbs, Regency”, “Dobbs, 5th Ave, New York”, (the supplier).

Madelaine Watson Dandridge  (b. 1882 South Carolina  d 1952 Sunset Hill) is listed in the 1910 US Census living with her parents, George and Marie Watson and her five year old daughter Neil on Webster St. in Valdosta.  In 1913, she gained experience working for Burruss Bros before before opening her own shop.  Upon her marriage on February 4, 1915 to  Dr. Clarence Whittington, a dentist (b. 14 Mar 1877 d. 1944 Sunset Hill, WWI Veteran) , she opened ” Whittingtons Ready-To-Wear & Millinery” at 111 N. Patterson St, Valdosta as seen in  the Polk’s Valdosta City Directories 1917-1918. The couple made their home at 308 Webster St. in Valdosta. The “millinery” was dropped from the store’s name in the 1923 directory and is therefore significant in dating this hat. From 1915 when she married a  Whittington to 1922 when the “Millinery” was dropped from her store name dates this hat.

Madeline Watson Whittington kept her store. In the 1930 directory her ready-to-wear shop was expanded to include 108-110 Patterson St. and in the 1933 Telephone book list her at 110 N. Patterson. By 1937 the store is located at 132 N Patterson. Though Madelaine  Whittington died in 1952, the shop  is last seen in the directories in 1961.                                   

Date: 1915-1922
Brim: 3 ¼”
Crown: 4”Ribbon: 1 ½”

Finely Woven Straw Hat From  C.C. Varnedoe Store THB 16 UNK #1 R13Sd

In dating this hat the CC Varnedoe store was considered.1878 Mr Charles Carroll Varnedoe ( B 15 Aug 1843 d. 15 Dec 1920 buried Sunset Cem) opened the CC Varnedoe Store located on 134-136 Patterson St  in down town Valdosta.  His descendants managed after him.  The store closed between  1996 and 1997 since it is listed in the 1996 Valdosta City Directory and the phone book of 1996-1997 but are not listed in the 1997-1998 phone book nor city directory. Since this hat has no lining, a lined silk sweatband with the stamping of the C,C, Varnedoe and the Leighton Fifth Ave, the size 22 1/2 tag sewn in and a glued in tag  “Made in Ecuador” , but the green diamonds are sewn in by hand(which may or may not have been added later), this hat is dated between 1910- 1950.  The museum is still searching for more information on this hat. Please contact the museum if you have information regarding this hat.

Finely woven straw sailor’s hat with beige gross grain ribbon and green embroidered X’s or Diamonds with hat pin hat has indention and flat top

Has inner stamp on silk sweatband
Lining: None
Crown: 12 ½ in
Brim: 2 in
Sweatband: silk cut on bias and lined
Tags/ Stamps: “Made exclusively for CC Varnadoe” stamped onto silk bias sweatband in brown ink, and  Leighton Fifth Avenue also stamped with brown ink to silk sweatband,
Made in Ecuador glue in tag
Size: 22 ½

Ladies Fine Straw Hat with Green Band 2010-25-043 Louie Peeples White Collection THB65 R12SE

This fine straw hat with turned down brim in front and green softly pleated crepe scarf band is decorated with 4 large clusters of green glass beads and silk stems. The voucher in the box  says “Burger-Phillips since 1895” as well as inside tags.  The style of this hat is indicative of the 20’s and  Burger-Phillips was in business then. Louie and her sister Eliza were born in 1920 so this hat probably belonged to Louie’s mother Ethel O Brantley Peeples (b. 1890 d. 1981, Sunset Hill Cemetery) who married Russel A Peeples in 1918. There are several other hats within the Louie Peeples White Collection some from her mother but Louie Peeples White was also a collector of hats and was known for wearing hats as her signature style . At one time she organized a “Bring back hats club” in Valdosta which met at the museum. More of her collection is not only shown throughout this web site within the time period but also in the “Special Collection” Catagory at the end of this page.   For more information on Louie Peeples White see http://valdostamuseum.com/collections/textiles/red-cross-textiles/

For information on Arthur White, Louie Peeples White’s husband see http://valdostamuseum.com/collections/textiles/military/wwii-textiles/wwii-u-z-and-spe…wwii-collections/

 Tag: is “Burger-Phillips Company Birmingham”L and B Karo
Crown:4″ tall
Brim: 2 3/4″ front turned down, 2” back
White tear drop hat pin may not have been original to hat
Circa: 1925

Black Feather Whimsy UNK #1 THB37R13Sd

Wrapped wire with feathers in swirls fits around crown of head on each side
Crown 8 ½
7 inch swirls
Circa:1920-1930’s, dated due to style and materials used


Circa 1930-1940’s Hats 

Buckram Form 2010-25–015  Louie Peeples White THB41 R13Sa

Natural Colored  Buckram forms were sometimes covered with fashion material and decorated..
Tag says Adjustable Consumer’s Protection Label 6038 and has a price tag on it $2.95.
Large brimed hats such as cartwheel and picture hats were popular in the 1930’s since this has a Consumer Protection Label it would be dated late 30’s.

Small Dark Blue-velvet Hat  2010-25-008, Louie Peeples White Collection THB42 R13Se

Decoration: Green velvet trim and velvet flowers
Brim: none
Makes v on right side
Tag: Ribbon type sewn in Marian Marcia Exclusives
Circa: 1930’s, dated for materials, style, amd lined

Black Velvet High Crown Hat 2010-25-178 Louie Peeples White Collection THB48 R13Se

 Black velvet tall hat
Crown: 5” tall in front 4 ¼” in back
Label: Duby hats, New York
Brim close upturned  1 ¾”front  -1/4”back,
Hat band: gross ribbon 2”with upper ¼” gross grain ribbon of same color to “finish” edge of hatband with bow in back
Sweatband : grossgrain
Tag: Union made tag JC 388077
Misscoloring “bleaching” on one side of upturn due to hairspray or alcohol in perfume
Circa: 1930-1940, dated due to style, lined and Union tag

 Small Pinkish Beige Hat Acq 2009-055-04 THB26 R12Sd

Woven in a plain weave on form
Brim 1 ¾” wide
Decorated with velvet white small flowers, silk leaves and beige flowers around the brim ,
Dimensions from side to side 11”
Circa 40/ 50’-, resembles “bonnet ” style which briefly reappeared in the 40’s
(This bonnet was found by Dixie Lee Howler in her historic home in Jasper, Florida. and is not sure to whom it belonged.)

Wide Brim Violet Straw Hat 2010-25- 6-006 Louie Peeples White Collection  THB41 R13Sa

Decoration: simple narrow purple velvet flat ribbon and a cluster of pearls in center of bow,  Bows on each side of hat.
Brim: 4 ½ ” wide  in front and tapers to 1 inch in back
Tag: Kutz
Circa:1940-1950s Wide brim hats are hard to date because of the expanse of time in popularity

Lavender Straw Hat  2010-24-07 Louie Peeples White  THB41 R13Sa

Decorated with coiled straw encircled with lavender velvet pipping.
Velvet pipping connects crown to brim front
Tag : “Clemar Original by Wesco” -Sewn in
Circa: 1940’s

Navy with Roses 2010-25–010Louie Peeples White Collection THB41 R13Sa 

Hat redone, originally a beret style hat, straw
Lining removed, 8 roses in front added
No tag
Many hats over the years were reworked, reshaped, and/or redecorated to keep up with the modern style or to match a current outfit.
Circa: 1940s


Dark Navy Blue, White and Beige Straw Hat 2010-25-009 Louie Peeples White Collection THB42R13Se

Large single navy blue straw leaf on one side
No brim
Tag: Ribbon sewn in  Made Expressly for Kutz
Size: 22 ½
Circa 1930-1940’s

Circa 1950-1960

White Beaver Long Plush Hat 1998-20-01 Kitty Oliver Collection THB2 R12Sd

Bowler  type
Brim 2 1/2″ turned up 1 3/4″
Crown 14 1/2″
Inside measurement 20 1/2
Sweatband: brown grossgrain
Gross grain ribbon hat band in cream color  1 1/2″ wide with bow in back
Tag/Stamp:Body stamp-Angorette,  Made in Italy
circa 1940-1950

The Kitty Oliver Hat Collection belonged to Catharine Roe Morgan Oliver (b. 27April 1918 in Pembroke, Ga d. 29 March 2018). She was a graduate from Georgia State Womans College now Valdosta State University. She married William Henry Oliver Jr.(b. 20 Oct 1912 d. 16 Nov 1967) on the 15th of January 1938.   The Olivers were well known in Valdosta for their Southern Stationary and Printing Store located downtown  on 311 N. Patterson St.  In 1973 she married William Wiley Oliver Sr. (b. 12 Oct 1907 d. 31 Dec 1986). Catharine Oliver was the guest speaker at the historical society’s lecture on hats in the 80’s. In addition, she gave a large collection of hats to the museum.

Pink Sequins Close Fitting Hat 2010-25-081 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB65 R12Se

Pink all over sequin follows hat shape
Pink velvet trim finishes edges
Brim none
Tag none
Circa:1950, dated for style, materials used

Beige and White Brushed Suede “Leaves or Feathers” Hat UNK #1THB22  R13Sb


Fringed brushed suede in wide vertical bands are sewn down the middle to form “feathers”or leaves” which are then interlaced over a pinkish beige crown and is finally decorated in pinkish beige netting in front.
Brim :none
Tag:“An Original Mr. Stanley, New York”,
Lined w/brown grosgrain ribbon to finish edge,
Crown 12 ½
Inside 20 ½
40,s – 50’s, dated for style, materials used


Black Velvet Swirl Hat 2010-25-027 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB48 R13Se

Base of black netting
Crown of swirls of black velvet w/curled black single feather and small satin bow to right side.
Inside red band “Duby Hats New York”,
Circa 1940, dated for style

Fur Whimsy w/Black Netting and Black Satin Ribbon Acq 2010-25-153, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB 48R13Se

Fur in an open figure 8
Tag: Ribbon like“Sonni”
Finished on in the inside with cotton on bias
1940-50s, dated for style

Oval Mink Black Felt Hat 2017-12-15b Josie Eager Beadle/Dorothy Hopkins Eager Collection THB 76R12Se

 Tag: “May Hats, 220 N. Liberty St.”
Mink band of 3 3/8”,
Crown: indented felt, Russian style
Band: felt band and bow are made to overlap the front left side,
Sweatband: grosgrain ribbon
19” circumference inside
Circa: 1940-1950, dated for style

Round Brown Satin Crown Mink Hat 2017-12-16 Josie Eager Beadle/Dorothy Hopkins Eager Collection THB 76R12Se

Crown:Mink 4″ wide with finished edge of a satin band-  7/8” wide,
Lined: in brown satin
Sweatband: brown grosgrain ribbon
22” inside measurement around
Tag: Sewn in ribbon  “Dece Original”
Circa 1940-1950s

Round Overall Mink Hat 2017-12-17 Josie Eager Beadle/Dorothy Hopkins Eager Collection THB 76 R12Se

Crown edge finished with a satin band ¾”
Lined: in brown satin
Sweatband: brown grosgrain ribbon
Inside measures 21” around
Tags: “Dece Original” & “Union Made 188675”
Circa: 1940-1950

Black Velvet Cocktail Hat UNK #2 THB 22  Rack 13 B

Decorated on one side with black straw 11″ tall front with branches and glued black beads
Front with black netting
Crown 13 ½
Front to back 9 ½”
Sweatband: black grossgrain ribbon
Tag: None
Circa 1940-1950

Black Velour Cocktail Hat 2010-25-026 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB54 R13Sc

Decorated w/large round poof of straight feathers to back and netting in black in front,
Shaped edge
Tag: “Burger-Phillips, Birmingham, AL,”, “Dorothy of California” and stamped: Midi imported velour body, Made in France
Black hat pin w/velour square

Felted Dark Brown Velvet  Cocktail Hat UNK #1THB 21R12Se

Little brimless velvet hat with off white velvet trim.
Decoration: circular brouche in 2 rows of rhinestones, brown netting
Stamp: Imported body, Made in France,
Tag:size 22 MSC,
Measurement: approximated 12” across ear-to-ear
Date: circa 1950s

Pill Box Brown Velvet with Silk Brown Diamonds UNK #1 THB 20 R12 Se

Brim None
Trim: Leather squares with brass studs at each corner
Tag:  Union made 835378
Crown 11 ¾
Inside measurement: 20
Tag: none
Circa 1950-1960

Green Feather Pillbox UNK #2 THB39R12Sa

Decoration: Allover glued on green feathers,  green netting blush bow with green velvet bow and rhinestone, Crown finished with green velvet
Tag: “Kutz”
Crown: Height approx 3”
Brim: None
Inside measurement 22”
Circa: 1950

Petite Straw with Tan Netting UNK #2 THB 21a R12Se

Decorated with black velvet squares netting , two hat pins one of velvet square hat pin and one black rounded hat pin
Brim: is black velvet rises slightly in front
Tag:  Kayser-Lilienthal  Inc the Shop of Original style Columbus, Ga,
11” ear-to-ear
Lining: none
Circa 1940-1950s

 Small Fine Navy Blue Sailor Hat 1998-20-07 Kitty Oliver Collection TB20 R12Se

Hat band: wide white grosgrain ribbon
Small white button on top of crown
Navy netting on front
Brim split in back and turned up completely
Crown:11 in
Tag: Jean Arlett Creation
Circa 1940-1950

Blue Fruit Topper Hat  1998-20-05 Kitty Oliver Collection THB16 R13Sd

Crown 10 ¾
Front to back 8 ½
Blue straw hat base
Fruit on wire stems, velvety leaves and wooden red square beads
Circa: 1950s

Small Pink Finely Woven Straw Hat  UNK #3 THB22  R13Sb

With allover beads paired in 2’s
Few green leaves dispersed
Pink velvet 1/8 rolled hat band
Brim ¼,

Pill Box Red Velvet Hat With Shaped Side 2009-055- 03  Dixie Lee Haller Collection THB26 R12Sd 

Brim: None
Decoration: white “pearl” beaded two dimensional flower on left side.
Red netting
Chinese silk corded tie with velvet studded finish on top back  of the hat
ear-to-ear 11 ½
Circa: 1950-1960s

Brown and Tan Velvet Ribbon Hat 98-20-08 Kitty Oliver Collection  THB15 R12Sc

Construction resembles a bonnet
Length 7 ½” long, front width 12” across
Hat top is made of brown and tan ¼  in velvet ribbon formed into triangles on the sides of the hat and secured in back with double velvet bow. White pearl hat pin and tan netting on front.
Size 22
Tag says “Original Brandt Paris New York”
Circa:  1950

Small Hat of Beige Fabric Acq 2009-055-05 Dixie Lee Howler Collection THB26 R12Sd

Brim: none
Decoration:Small paper and chenille flowers
Fabric made of rough material (feels like the loops in Velcro)
Ear-to-ear 12 ½” wide, 2 ½” wide side
Circa 1960s

 Pink, Green, White Cellophane Straw Hat  2009-055-01 Dixie Lee Howler Collection THB27 R13Se

Green grosgrain ribbon 3/4″ and bow finish the edge
No brim
Ear-to-ear measurement: 15 ½”
Sweatband green grossgrain
Inside tag: Union made in disrepair
Circa 1960’s

 Small Woven Chipped Straw Hat  2009-055-02 Dixie Lee Howler Collection THB27 R13Se

Brim: Small Rolled 1” in front, 7/8” in back
Decoration: little beige paper flowers, light brown velvet beige netting, brown velvet tails in back
Size: 22
Crown: 9” tall
Tag: None
Circa 1950

White Linen Clothe Hat 2009-055-06 Dixie Lee Haller Collection THB26 R12Sd

Lining: None
Decoration: Small white bow in front
Crown measurement: ear-to-ear 13 ½”
Probably worn to protect styled hair when sleeping or windy outside
Circa: 70’s -80’s Chain stitch serged on inside seam

Pink Cellophane Hat UNK #1 THB34 R13Sa

In Kirven’s box (store located in Quitman, Ga):
Small hat
Decoration: white or beige flowers
Crown: 11 ¼
Brim: 1 inch turned down
Inside: 19 ¼
Poor Condition (Curator’s note this hat has been badly discolored due to the glue used for attaching the flowers)
Crica: 1950s

Dark Navy Blue Hat 2010-25-011, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB42 R13Se

Decoration:Turned up in front  1 ½ inch wide grosgrain ribbon trim and folded flat  bow in back
Tag: “Madcaps Paris New York


Medium Blue Twill Hat With Sheen 2010-25-012, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB42 R13Se

No brim
Decoration: small rose cluster on one side
Tag: Kutz
Circa: 1950s

Little Red Saucer Hat With Velvet Crown UNK #2THB13 R12Sb 

No tag inside
Crown: Almost flat , straw and velvet edge rolled up slightly 8 ¼ side to side
Velvet brim ¼ rolled


Netting With Teal Flowers 1998-20-04 THB4R13 

From the Kitty Oliver Collection, this lovely little netted hat would enhance a bouffant hair style floating over it without crushing it. It is composed of light teal netting and what use to be teal organdy flowers that are now faded to a cream. Inside each flower is a pom-pom and artificial stamens.









Netting in Navy Blue 1998-20-03 THB4R13

This too is from the Kitty Oliver Collection and has a very similar style to the one above. The open navy blue netting is decorated with 6 silk flowers and a decorative bow. This one has a tag in the inside Union made 5Q635453 USA 6 and another with the name of the company Skol Nips.

Tan Netting With Birds 1998-20-10 THB4R13

Again this hat belonged to Kitty Oliver Collection and is tan netting with a tan velvet bow  & a comb under the bow for security. The trim on this one is particularly interesting in that tiny birds are fashioned from feathers tied around wire & cotton.

5 Net Hats 2016-79 Cornelia Ashley Collection  THB73R13Sd

Donated by Tim & Trisha Morris, these items belonged to  Cornelia Ashley (b. 9 June 1931,  d. 6 Aug 2016) the only child of Thomas Young and Elizabeth (Peachy) Ashley of Valdosta. Her father was the auditor of the Daniel Ashley Hotel which still stands in Valdosta, and the business manager of the Frank Bird Hospital, which is being renovated by the Lowndes County Historical Society for expansion of the museum. She grew up in Valdosta and graduated from Valdosta State College and worked at Moody Air Force Base and in 1955 moved to Temple Terrace, Florida to work for Florida College. 

03a In del Rogia Ladies’ Hats Atlanta hat box -03a a brown netting with a brown velvet bow, -03b,off white netting with grosgrain and off white chiffon double bow, -03c off white netting with velvet white bow, and a  -03d Navy blue netting with grosgrain navy blue bow. The  del Rogia Ladies’ Hats Atlanta” hatbox-03e, is round, with a white top decorated with a red band. Diagonal red and white stripes alternate on the box sides and a handle of a red rope finalizes the look.

Black Velvet Rim Hat Acq 98-20-09 Kitty Oliver Collection TB20R12Se


Rim of black velvet with black netting making the crown
Decoration: 2 black velvet bows atop crown
Rim: 1 ¾ in wide


Beige Netting with Rose Raffia 2005-018-03 Sandra P. Allen Collection  THB11R12

Beige shaped netting and a raffia rose on top of crown & ribbon
Circa 1960
This style of hat was popular during the mid 60’s which could be worn without crushing the bouffant hairstyle.
Please note: Sandra P Allen Collection is located in THB 5,9,10,11,14, 17,19

Black Netting with Triangle Velvet UNK #1THB69 R13Sd

 Black velvet bows & black curly feathers scattered throughout netting
Circa: 1960

Teal Small Whimsy or Head Band UNK #1 THB8R12Sc

This teal whimsy has an open crown of two arched bands made of satin overlapping leaves.These fabric bands converge on the left side near the ear. There is teal netting over the front band. This was in a Sears Box but it is unclear whether this box is original to the hat. circa 1960’s

                     Crown 13 ¼”

Navy Blue Straw Hat UNK #1THB23R12Sc 

Navy Blue Straw with blue netted blush
Tag: Union Made KA 97918C
Crown: 14 with indention in top
Brim: 1 ¾ on right side, turns down in front and tapers in the back to no brim
Circa: 1940

Navy Blue Straw Hat UNK #3 THB39 R12S

Navy blue netting  gathered, possibly a child’s hat
3” wide grosgrain maroon ribbon [possibly original navy blue] w/bow in back,
grosgrain ribbon chin strap that was added,
3” high crown,
2 ¼” wide brim

Black Cellophane High Crown Hat 2005-018-02 Sandra P Allen Collection THB11R12S

Black cellophane platted high crown hat has a very narrow brim and decorated with a simple black velvet bow
Crown: Measured 14 ½” from side to side, 5 ½” in front tall and 4” back making taller in front
Brim: 1” turned under slightly
Tag: “A Clemar Original by Wesco.”
Hat pin: decorated with faux pearl, metal, and glass bead.
Circa: Late 50’s


Cellophane Straw Hat With High Crown UNK #1,THB24R12Sc









Wide brown grosgrain ribbon  woven though the side and also as hat band
Under side lined netting
Tag: Herbert Bernard New York Original
Crown 4 in front, 3 ½ in back
Brim 3 in on right side, 2 ½ in front turned down tapers to 1 in back
Size 22 ½
Contents in round white “Fashions from Matthew, 112 Broadway, Columbus”  hat box:


White  Platted Cellophane Hat With Navy Blue Trim   2005-018-07 (Sandra P Allen Collection) THB10R12Sd

Navy blue netting and navy blue grosgrain ribbon and bow in front
Box label Lorenzo’s Cairo, Ga
Crown 17 ¼
Inside 21 in


Green Cellophane Straw Ribbon Hat UNK#1THB13 R12Sb

Contents are in a “Since 1898 Neel’s First in Fashion” hat box: from Thomasville, Ga
Velvet green ribbon is alternated with row of cellophane braided straw for sides of crown
Medium crown with turned down brim, tapers to the back.
Decoration: Silk green rose and velvet ribbon
Tag says Kutz
Netting form
Sweatband: Green grosgrain
Crown 11 ¾” tall
Brim front 2 ¾”
Inside:  21″


All-over Silk Pink Floral Hat UNK #1 THB35 R12Sb

Small shaped crown over a pink netted form
Brim: none
Edges lined with pink velveteen
Tag: Union tag
Crown: 13″ at tallest point, comes to two points on ether side of the ear
Inside measurement: 21″
Placed in CC Varnedoe box
Circa: 1960’s

Floral Pink High Crown Bubble Hat 1999-25-02 Gloria Bailey Collection THB 3 R12Sc

This hat belonged to Mrs. Willie McCraken 

High Crown
Narrow brim
All over decorations with various shades of pink flowers
Pink velvet band and trim
Tag- Union Made 548306
Height: 4 3/4″
Brim: 1 3/8″
Inside measurement: 20″
Circa 1960s

Blue Floral Bowler Shaped Hat Gloria Bailey Collection 1999-25-01  THB18b13Se

All over decorations blue and white flowers
Base of blue straw with blue velvet trim
Brim: turned up 1″ in front and 1 1/2 ” in back
Crown: 5″ tall

Circa 1960

Multi-Colored Pastel Floral Hat Gloria Bailey Collection 1999-25-02 THB 18R13Se


Dome shaped hat
Decoration:all over floral flowers, green netting
Hat Base:Green straw hat
Satin ribbon bows with picot edges in green and off white
Plastic combs for fastening
Circa 1960

Butterscotch Colored Straw High Crown, Small Brim UNK#1 THB12 R13Sd

High crown is decorated with multicolored silk flowers covering crown and under a netting
Hat band Gross grain ribbon in butterscotch/ gold
Kutz brand name
Inside shows flower crown lined in netting
Crown: 15 ½”
Brim: turned up all the way around the hat 2 in on left, 1 in on right revealing a bow
Circa: 1960

Black Petal Hat 2010-25-048 Louie Peeple White Collection THB69 R13Sd

This hat could have belonged to Ethel Peeples, Louie Peeples White’s mother
Decoration: 1 3/8” aqua velvet band that ties into a bow
Brim: none
Tag: “Elizabeth Ford, New York”
Crown: 5 ½” tall
Circa 1960

 Soft White Petal Hat 2010-25-039, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB72 R13Sb

All-over petals made from organdy fabric over netting form
Decoration: Organdy bow tails on left side
Tag: “Cain-Sloan Co. Nashville, Tenn. Gene Kittrell”
Contents in hat box brown round hat box w/light & dark brown sides “Shop of Originals Burger Phillips Birmingham, Ala.”
Circa 1960

Pink Silk Voile Gathered  Kitty Oliver Collection 1998-20-11 THB 7R12Sa

This lovely hat was in an original CC Varnedoe Box (store from Valdosta, GA) with handwriting on the side describing this hat visually as “Whipped Cream” . Indeed it is with pink voile silk in one inch strips doubled and softly gathered in rows completely surrounding the netted hat base.


Over Straw Base 
Crown: 14 1/4″
Brim 5″ wide in front, 2 1’4″ back downturned
Band: Pink velvet 1 1/4″ wide
Pink grossgrain ribbon inside band
Brim: edge finished in pink velvet
Tag: United Hatters Cap and Millinery WRKS Int Union , Union Made 841813
Circa 1960

Peach Linen Hat With Large Brim 1998-20-13, Kitty Oliver Collleciton THB30 R13Sb

 Crown. 4”
Brim: 4” .
Hat Band: Peach grosgrain 1” ribbon trim w/knot & tails on side
Tag: “Doree of New York”, “Medium”,
Inside band: grosgrain ribbon

White Wool Felt Hat Louie Peeples White Hat Collection 2010-25-025 THB54 R13Sc

Bolero style with asymmetrical rolled brim
Decoration:  black grosgrain ½” ribbon with bow on right side, black feather in top of crown pointing down with ring of rhinestones around feather
Brim: completely turned up in front and trimmed w/black grosgrain.
Tag: “Jack McConnell’s Flair”,
Inside band:black grosgrain ribbon
Brim: 2 ½” wide
Crown: 5” tall

Very High Crowned Beige Felt Hat 

Acq Dec 1980-296-01h? THB 25 R 12 Sc


Band: approx 2 in polyester hat band and gold buckle.
Crown: 15 ½
Brim:  2”,sits on top of head  Brim turns down
Inside measurement: 20 ½”
Inside brim lined with polyester fabric same as outside band

Reddish Brown Felt Hat with Zig-zag Trim UNK#1 THB6 R12a

Tag: Jean Allen styled by Gage
Stamped: Qualifelt Made in USA
Brim: 2 1/2 ” turned up slightly
Crown: 12″  Diamond shape at top of crown
Trim: feather ,
Hat band: grosgrain
Zig-zag stitching on crown is for decoration
Size: 22
Date: Circa 1940

Classic White Felt Hat 2005-018-05 Sandra B. Allen Collection THB 19 R13Sb

 Classic white felt hat w/large crown and architectural brim,
Tag:  Mr. Frank Original
Band: white grosgrain ribbon Trim: felt trimmed grosgrain large “leaf” shape trim side w/brooch in antique gold/rhinestones
Crown: taller in front than back, 4” front, 2”back, 15 ¼” circumference,
Brim 1”- 1 ½” down tapers to the back,
Size:“22 ½”

Cream Hat with Black Trim 1980-296-1e THB5b R13Se

Decoration: Black bow on side
Brim: 2″ on right side folded completely up on left tapering toward back with black rim trim
Tag: “Original Lee Bury of Dallas” Ribbon tag
Body stamp: “Splendicle, Imported Body Made in Italy
No Linning
Crown: 15 1/2”
Size: 22 1/2

Beige Felt Hat with Feather 1980-296-1g THB 5b R13Se

(Though the hat in the photo looks grey it is really beige color) Stitching on front with feather
High crown with indention on top
Tag: “Chesterfield”
Brim: slight turned up in back
Inside band: aqua grosgrain ribbon
No linning
Inside circumference: 21 1/2
Crown: at highest 16 1/2″
Circa: 1940

Black Felted Wide Brim with Faux Fur Band UNK#1THB75R12Se

This felted hat features a wide brim, shallow crown, and a pinned brooch. A black gross grain ribbon band and an elastic chin strap finish the inside edge . There is no inside tag nor lining which could have been removed when alterations were made to the hat. Inside stitching suggests alterations.When the museum cataloged the hat, the alterations were noted but left in the hat as part of its story.

Brim front 3 ½ wide
Hat height 2  1/2
Inside Circumference 21″
Circa 1950’s

Woman’s Grey Fedora Style Hat UNK#1 THB5 R13Se

The museum staff is still searching for more information on to whom this hat belonged. The United Hatters Union suggests a date between 1934-1983. Since the body was made in West Germany the date would have to be after the late 40’s and the design of the vinyl belt band suggests 1960’s style.

 Gray faux fur
Fedora style for women
Tag: “United Hatters Cap and Millenary WKRS 22, International Union” stamped in teal color
Body Stamp: “Empress, body made in West Germany”
Hat band made of vinyl black and white belt with gold rivet
No lining
Sweatband: grey grossgrain ribbon
Circa: 1940

Magenta and Purple Faux Fur Hat 2005-18-06 THB 5 R13Se

Purple band on lower edge in graduated width to center front being widest section
Decoration: Bow center back
Tag: “United Hatters Cap and Millenary WKRC, 22, International Union”;
Body Stamp: in white “Musketeer, Imported Body, Made in Austria”
No Brim





Purple and Pink Satin Hat UNK #1THB39 R12Sa

Tag: Mr. John Jr. Hat
Height 4 7/8”
Brim 4 3/8 wide
Inside 21 ½

White Straw Crown Bahamas Hat with Red Brim 2005-018-01 Sandra B. Allen THB9 R13Se 

White Straw Crown Bahamas hat with red brim
Tag:  Genevieve Original, New York,
Decoration: Red grosgrain ribbon with white piping, pipping attached to center of ribbon on right side   to make faux button loops and  white buttons,
Crown: 15 ½” w/crease in center,
Brim: front 2 ½”, turned up in back,
Inside: 20 ¼”,
Stored in a Belks box

Circa 1970’s-Present
Blue Porcupine Quills Hat 98-20-12 THB 1R13 Sa



From the  Kitty Oliver Collection this fantastic large brimmed shallow crowned hat has a navy staw base and is decocrated all over with a swirl of navy blue dyed porcupine quills. It has a chin strap to secure the hat to the head in wind. Dated at possibly late 60’s early 70’s there was no hat maker stamp nor tag.
Crown:3” tall
Brim: 5”
Inside 17” Approx

Multicolored Knitted Hat 1972-67-7 THB 4 R13S

This hat was dontated by Valdosta State College (now Valdosta State University) in 1972 with no history. The technique for this hat is called intarsia and involves many balls of thread that are knitted into the design to make a pattern. The size of this hat suggests it is a  child’s beanie hat; however kippahs are made in the same style and is not out of the question that it may have been worn for this purpose instead. Since knitted child hats and kippahs of this same style are made even today, it is hard to date but can not be any later than the donation date.  The photo shown on a very small child’s form

20″ diameter
5 1/2″ high
No brim

White Crochet Brimless Cloche 2010-25-060 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB47 R13Sc

White crochet clothe
Decoration: crochet flower,
Crochet with bulky synthetic yarn
Circa: 1970

 English Straw Safari Hat 2010-25-036, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB61 R13Sc

Wide brimmed hat made of fine straw.
Crown: 4  ¼” high,  small raised portion at top of crown
Brim: 4” wide
Band:  1 ½” wide, black pleated fabric,
Tag: “Marida, Made in England”
Lining: none

Gold Sunflower Felt Hat 2010-25-068 Peeples White Hat Collection THB47 R13Sc

Gold felt hat with wide brim
Hat band: 2” wide sequins.
Decoration:“Sunflower” is made from dyed feathers in gold and natural colored black down chicken feathers.  A few natural colored black outer chicken feathers are added w/rhinestones attached.
Sweatband: Black grosgrain ribbon
Tag: “Mr. Hi’s Classic”
Body stamp:  “WPL 5923, 100% wool in USA”
Brim: 4 ½” wide
Crown: 4” High

There is a story that  Louie Peeples White wore this hat to Queen of England’s Garden Party but was excused from attending because she had on the same hat as Queen Elizabeth.  Supposedly as LPW left the Queen nodded to her.


 Natural Colored Loosely Woven Sinamay Hat 2010-25-076 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB 62 R13Sd

Sinamay made from the abaca plant
Hat Band: same natural colored sinamay w/leaves in front and roses made from same material & painted.
Tag: Toucan Collection, N. Y.
High Crown: left side 4 3/4″,right side 3 5/8”
Brim: 2 7/8” turned up almost completely in front.

Black and Natural Color Sinamay Hat 2010-25-078, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB59 R12Se

Airy natural sinamay hat with large brim
Crown: asymmetrical 4 ½” high at highest point
Brim: black large brim bends down approximate 1 ½”, total width 2 ½”-3”
Decoration: In front, Black feathers with extra long stems radiating from shorter center bouquet of black feathers
Hat Band: Same natural sinamay band around crown
Store Tag:“Fads & Fashions
Maker tag:“Toucan Collection”,
Sweatband: off-white grosgrain

Pink Sinamay 2010-25-077 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB68 R13Sb

Natural material dyed pink hat with asymmetrical crown with wide brim
Tag: “Toucan Collection, New York”,
Large feathers on long stems w/large pink rose in front,
Brim: 4 3/*”wide,
Crown:5” tall square
Mad hatter style w/sinamay hat band, condition: excellent_never worn tag:
“Fads & Fashions
Inside band: Grosgrain ribbon
Hat band:sinamay ribbon 2 3/8” wide

Straw Hat 2010-25-117  Louie Peeples White THB 67 R12Sbe

In “Julius Garfinckel & Co, Washington, D. C” hat box
Band: 1 ½” black grosgrain ribbon
Brim: 3 1/2” upturned
Crown: 3”
Inside band: none
Lining: none

Wide Brimmed Gray Wool Felt Hat  2010-25-050, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB30 R13Sb

Decoration: Rhinestone quadruple bow and a double band, rhinestone square buckle that’s 2” long, 1” wide, long brown feathers w/rhinestones & rhinestone flowers
Designer Tag:  band “Deborah Fashions”
Body Stamp: “WPL 5073 100% wool, Made in USA”
Store Tag: Fads & Fashions
Brim: 3 ½” wide in front, side brims turn up and are 5” wide
Crown: 4”.
Circa: 1970-80s

Red Felt Round Hat 2010-25-181, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB 67 R12Sb

Worn by Louie Peeples White showing spirit as an alumni to Valdosta State University
Crown: 4”
Brim: 2 7/8”
Hat Band: 3/4” red grosgrain ribbon band
Decoration: black feather on left-hand side,
Tag: “100% wool, Made in China, RN# 87429”


Red Felt Hat with Black Netting  2010-25-024, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB51 R13Sa


This was one of Louie’ People White’s hats that she wore as allumni for VSU.
Trim: Band of black velvet and mesh net, bouquet of cock feathers in natural  black
Body Stamp:100% wool
Brim: 4 ¼” wide turns down in front
Crown:4 ½” H including netting

 Red with Black Polka Dots Hat 2010-25-174 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB52 R13Sc

Red straw  hat with a black netting of black polka dots
Trim: Black band of feathers
Another of Louie Peeples White’s VSU school colors hat
Brim: 3” wide brim, netting extends to make 4” wide,
Crown: 2 ¼” H
A second very similar hat is red straw  with polka dots netting pleated on the brim only, pictured below.

Red Straw Deep Pillbox 2010-25-029 Louie Peeple White THB64 R13Sd

 In Schiaparelli pink hat box
Brim: faux brim formed from 3 rows of sculpture black polyester horsehair mesh netting meets top of crown in back decorated with sequin clusters
Trim: Bow in back made with same black polyester horsehair mesh netting  tacked down w/sequin black flower clusters with streamers capped with sequin clusters
Tag: “100% polypropylene RN 40217, Made in China”,
Crown: 3” high








 Black Wool Hat with Same Trim as Above 2010-25-028, Louie Peeples White THB71 R13Sb

 Tag: “100% Wool, Made in China, RN# 92786”

Black Turban Style Hat 2010-25-184, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB 71 R13Sb

This hat is a combination of a turban and bonnet style.
Brim : 1/2″ velvet
Crown: polyester tubes gathered in front and back over black netting,
Tag:”Connor Rego, Made in England”,
Lining: maroon in brim only, netting in crown area

Large Black Hat,  Silver & Black Diagonal Stripes 2010-25-022, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB58 R12Se

Brim: large turned up brim of with diagonal stripes in silver and black edged with black gross grain
Trim: large black double bow in mesh netting and black satin with beaded & rhinestone center of bow
Hat base: straw
Store Tag: Fads & Fashions
Designer Tag: Essencehat.com

Shades of Brown Leather Crazy Patchwork 2010-25-175, Louie Peeple White THB62 R13Sd


 Different colors of leather patched together in a crazy patch pattern 
Trim: crazy hat pieces stitched with zigzag
Tag: “Genuine leather, Made in China, RN 13962”,
Lining: Black 100% cotton,
Crown: 3 ¼”
Brim: 3 ¼”

Black Brushed Cloche Hat 2010-25–004 , Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB40 R12Sd



This large brimmed black hat is made of very soft slightly brushed wool which comes from the sheering or plucking of an angora rabbit. The brim is straight stitched in rows about 1/4″ apart for an understated detail.

Body Stamp: Borsalino Angora in gold
Designer Tag: Julia Spivak Washington D.C
Louie Peeples White had a keen interest in people, their abilities, and supporting their work. She lived in Washington D.C. with her husband who was working for Time Magazine and it is quite possible she might have actually met the designer Julia Spivak since this was her character to do so. She also acquired a Julia Spivak hat box which is now part of her hat collection at the museum.

 Red Brushed Borsalino Angora Cloche Hat   Louie Peeples White hat collection 2010-25-061 THB56 R12Sb

Body Stamp: in gold says Borsalino Antica Casa
Brim: straight stitching to edge of  4”,
Crown: 4” H
Unlike the one above the designer tag is missing but it is similar to the one above only in a different color.

Cloche Hat in Beige Angora 2010-25-056, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB66 R12Sb

Hat box:Jos N. Neel Co., Est 1886, Macon, Fashion Second Floor
No band,
Tag: “Borsalino Angora”,
Body stamp in yellow “Borsalino”
This hat is different from the ones above in that the brim has no straight stitching and the tag glued to the hat inside indicating this one probably came from the hat company in Italy. When comparing the hand of the fabric to that of the ones above, there is slightly more body to this hat.






Brown News Boy Hat  2010-25 -57 , Louie Peeples White Hat Collection  THB57R13Sc

 Synthetic suede hat in dark brown
Trim: feathers on left side
Tag:Herbert Johnson  (Also see Arthur White Man’s His  hat -053 Quilted Wool Grey Green  This hat was purchased later than the -053 as the company had moved to Old Burlington St, London Tag says Milano-Italia Aleantara 0233762.) This style does not have a brim or a button on top. Adjustable band inside.


Winter Green Silk Taffeta Turban Hat 2010-25-033, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB68 R13Sb


Green silk taffeta with permanent ties in back into a bow,
Lined inside  w/cream and grosgrain ribbon


Cream Colored Polyester Pleated Turban Style Hat 2010-25-, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB68 R13Sb


Trim: Triple bow in back
Tag: ”Rizik Bros, Washington” & “Miss Mary New York”,
Lining:  netting of cream color


Navy Blue Straw with White Trim 2010-25-023, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB46 R13Se

High crown  straw hat  with a wide oval  brim
Trim: 3 White 1/4 ”  straw zigzagged on crown and one white stripe zigzagged near edge of brim.  Also large white silk flower plume to side.
Tag: “Chapeau Creations Designed by Ruth Kropyeld”,
Brim: Oval shaped, sides 6”,  in back 2 ½”, worn at an angle as in picture below.
Crown: 4 ½” H

Gray Fine Large Brim Linen Hat 2010-25-070 Louie Peeples White Hats Collection THB46 R13Se 

Many times Louie Peeples White collected a hat to tell a story. This is one such hat  and tells the story of a man born in Dublin and his love for natural fibers and especially  Irish linen. This hat is made of  natural colored linen.
Trim: with a simple 1 ½” gray grosgrain ribbon & bow”
Brim, 4
Crown: 4 ½”
Designer Tag: Paul Costelloe made in Ireland
Circa: 1980

Natural Fine Straw Hat2010-25-073, Louie Peeples White Hats,THB50 R13Sc


Hat Band: coarsely pink braided        
Trim: six white feather poofs, feathers are glued to oval felt pieces,
Crown: 3 1/2″ high
Brim: 5 1/2″
Construction: crown and  brim seperate pieces  attached with raffia band.  Enforced w/green braiding used for upholstery.
Tag: “Archie Eason” & “Burger Phillips Company, Birmingham, AL.”,
Circa: 1950-60
Due to unique construction of this hat, it might have been altered to fit a person and tags replaced

Tri Straw Cartwheel Hat 2010-25-037 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB46 R13Se

This simple elegant hat has a low crow and is made of 3 colors and sizes of straw-dark
brown, striped, and cream all platted together.
Trim: ¼” wide velvet hat band ties in bow in back.  Brim tapers to the back.
Chin elastic strap
Lining: none
Size: 6 7/8”,
Tag: “Dobbs, 5th Ave, N.Y. and Burger-Phillips Co., Birmingham, Ala.”, stamp: “IMG 0093-0096, Dobbs Co. in business since 1930 in New York based known for high quality hats.”
Brim: Tapered toward back- 5” front,  2 ¼” b in back
Crown: 2” high

Beige Round Hat 2010-25-055 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB50 R13Sc

This wool cream colored hat is styled after a man’s Biltmore hat
Crown: 3 5/8” H clefted white long pile
Brim:  4” slightly turned up,
Hat Band :2 ¼” grosgrain  with bow on left Tag: “Adolf II, New York, Paris”,
Body stamp:  “100% wool, Excelia” “Made in U.S.A.” “Geo Bollman Company Inc.”

Novelty Hats

A Grey And A Brown “Hillbelly” Hats  2010-25–063, -064 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB56 R12Sb

Made of felt and embroidered with chain stitch. Born in West Virginia and having a twin sister, Louie Peeples White’s humor was sometimes expressed in the hats. This one and the one below might be for her and her twin sister. There are several hats in her collection which are just slightly different.
9 ¼” High
Stamped on inside of both hats Glenover Henry Pollak Co. NY 100% wool.  This company was popular in the 30’s through 50’s

Black Modern Made Bonnet 2010-25-222 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB54 R13Sc

Machine  made on a sewing machine made of  tricot,
Red acorns pinned to the right side and on ties

Accordion Style Vase Hat 2010-25-079, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB55 R13Sd

Made of stiff paper in natural color. Vase hat expands into a hat. Bought at the Azalea Festival in Valdosta  8 ½” tall

Fish Hat 2010-25-080 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB55 R13Sd

This is the same style as the hat above. Also expands to a hat  Painted colored stripes with fish fin made from craft foam sheet  and cotton bug eyes at one side 8 ½” tall

Cotton Canvas Fishing Hat 2010-25-020 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Decorated with red double band with fishing lures, red/white fishing cork, buttons, band aids,  and fishing flies.
Brim: 1 7/8”, Writing which says “If this hat’s missing, I’ve gone fishin’;
Crown: 3 ½” h top of the crown  says, “Laid Back Fisherman’s Association.”
Lined on inside with white nylon netting.
Sweat band cut on bias
Label: “AMAPRO, 100% cotton, size, Made in China” Note: there were two of these hats and one in white and one in baby blue color -021 which was chosen as a “Traveling Hats”

Golf Green Hat 2010-25-140 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Green “turf”(artificial grass) fabric and black polyester ribbing used for beret style hat

Decoration: golf ball with fishing line attached to straw flag and  felt hole) on top

Uncle Sam Style Hat 2010-25-176 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Made of polyester felt, Brim 3 1/8” wide
crown 7 ½” tall
Possibly used when Olympic Torch came through Valdosta in 1996
Tag: “Made in China”

“Genuine Antique Persons” HatAcq 2010-25-223, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Decorated with blue and red trim, with red writing “Genuine Antique Persons, Been There Done That, Can’t Remember”, tag attached, buttons
Crown: 3 3/8” h ,
Brim: 1 3/4”
Tag: Youngan Hat Company, Made in Suri Lanka, 1959 M”, cotton canvas
Beige hat exactly same in traveling hats

Red “Merry Christmas Hat”2010-25-224a Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

White cotton canvas with red/white trim and writing “If I’m Wearing This Hat, It’s a Christmas Party I’m At”, attachments related to Christmas hot glued on
Lining: white mesh
Tag: “Laid Back, Lifestyle Gifts, 100% Cotton, Made in China, M”
Crown: 3 5/8” h
Brim: 2”

Aqua Baseball Style Cap 2010-25-225 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Decoration “Louie” written in fabric paint on large brim
Tag: “Made in China, PRT, RN #58584”
Elastic band in back


As part of the Louie Peeples White Hat Collection and in addition to the hats shown here, the museum also has a few prints, reference books, jewelry, paper weights, Christmas ornaments, and hair accessories with hats.  The Traveling Hat Collection are modern hats that belonged to Louie Peeples White. These hats are available for loan for special specific occasions and require application through the director and executive board approval.