Bobbin Laces

The Lowndes County Historical Museum has several pieces of bobbin lace within its collection. A few pieces of lace have been studied and a  pricking (pattern)  has been made and is available. Several others have similar patterns in books and these references are noted.

Linen Table Cloth Eager Collection Laces & Linens  2012-61-75 TB13 R6S 











Description:  Tablecloth (square) with bobbin lace insertion and ¼” pintucks.
Configuration:Made of 4 squares of linen for  center each on 13 ½ x 10” with three sets of ¼” tucks
Bobbin lace insertion: 7/8”
Mitered linen edging: 7/8” wide,
 Ruffle: Three 1/16”pintucks &bobbin lace edging 1  3/8” wide
Construction: Machine stitched;   all laces whipped by hand
Exhibit:  currently on exhibit on the main floor

A note about the Eager Collection: This extensive collection includes other textiles including woman’s and men’s fashion clothing. Further information of the Eagers are found in the linens section of the website.

Lace and Linen Lampshade Cover  Eager Collection Laces & Linens 2012-61-74 TB13 R6

Description: Lampshade cover with  needle lace diamond insertions, eyelet embroidery, and bobbin lace insertion & edging  & tassels. Each diamond needle lace is a different ground.
Configuration: Made of 4 pieces of linen embroidered with needle lace insertion grounds and joined  between pieces and top and bottom with bobbin lace insertion
Dimensions: beige linen squares are 6 ¼ wide at top 9 “ wide at bottom and 7 3/8” tall,
Diamonds are 3 ½” tall and 3 ¼” wide ,
Embroidered sprays 5 ¼” tall ,
Bobbin lace insertion 6/8” wide, same bobbin lace at top and bottom that is on side panels,
Lace edging at top and bottom sewn to insertion is almost ½” wide,
Tassels added to bottom.
Construction: machine with tiny close zig zag stitches
Exhibit: On exhibit in the main floor of the museum


Bobbin Tape Lace Placemat Eager Collection Laces & Linens 2012-61-43a-d TB13 R6S











Description: Set of 4 bobbin lace placemats with pulled thread & embroidery decorative center (handmade)
Configuration: bobbin tape  with plaits/ braids
Dimensions: Overall 17 ½” x 12” ,   Lace edging 2-4” wide
Construction: Padded satin stitch joins lace edging;
Exhibit: On display on the main floor of the museum

Small Sachet with Platted Bobbin Lace Edging Eager Collection Laces & Linens 2012-61-43a-d TB13 R6 













Small sachet made with cotton embroidered with satin stitch and eyelet white on white with surrounding bobbin lace.

Square Shaped Doily With Bobbin Lace Eager Collection Laces & Linens 2012-61-22 TB13 R6S 













Description: Shaped square doily with bobbin lace edging
Configuration: Bobbin lace employes leaves, raised tallies, ground work, and braids.
Dimensions: Overall 9  7/8″ square,  Bobbin lace 2 ½” wide to 2 3/8” wide.
Construction: Joined to linen fabric with corded satin stitch
Exhibit: Now on display in the main gallery of the museum

Set Of Nine Fine Linen Doilies Edged In Flanders Lace Eager Collection Laces & Linens  2012-61-21a-i TB13 R6S

Description: Fine lace attached to fine  ground
Configuration: Bobbin lace employed ground stitches and cloth stitch similar to Flanders style
Dimensions: 5 3/8″ round, Lace 1 1/8″
Construction: Lace edging is  joined to very fine linen with point de Paris. The lace itself is joined in a round with typical bobbin lace “sewings” and therefore the piece was made as a whole and the lace not purchased and added separately.  The fine linen is also embroidered with point de Paris in a checked pattern.
Exhibit: Currently on display in the main floor of the museum

Round Table Cloth With Various Types Of Lace UNK #27 TB8 R6Sb2

Description:This lace piece employs several different types of lace
Configuration: lace border as follows: Outside  round [1 ½”] is made with Brussels style with leaves, large spiders with raised tallies, braiding with picots and header and footing. This thread may also be linen.
2nd round [6”] This is a mixture of the Brussels type lace with leaves, cloth stitch, platting with picots, joined to squares of  lace netting or linen shapes of Broderie Anglaise.
Inner round lace insertion is the same pattern as the edging.
Dimensions:  Off white, 32” round, fabric center 14 1/2”
Construction: The lace netting and the Broderie Anglaise were first made and the bobbin lace was worked and joined to pieces. Broderie Anglaise edges are finished with a hand stitched satin in pearl thread while attaching to the bobbin lace footer. The lace net squares are attached to the footer of the bobbin lace with a very fine thread whipped. In the inner round bobbin lace attaches to bobbin lace with continuous threads and lastly the bobbin lace attaches to the inner linen fabric with the same pearl thread and technique used for the Broderie Anglaise.
Exhibit: Currently on display in the main floor of the museum.

Set Of Five Bobbin Lace Motifs ?85-455-39a1-5 TB68 R6Sa1

Description: Small square bobbin lace motifs employs leaves, raised tally in center and scalloped edge
Dimensions: 3 5/8” Square
History: These were in a box marked “Denmark” on the bottom. Marking was penciled.

Bobbin Lace Insertion UNK #26 TB68 R6Sa1

Description: This lace uses employes lace spiders on a ground  in a diamond formation separated by two end to end cloth stitch elliptic serving as a vertical divider. This lace is made with very fine thread.
Dimensions: 1” wide, 51” long, linen, ecru
History: This lace was in a larger box which contained the smaller box marked Denmark and was therefore was probably part of the same acquisition as one above.

Bobbin Lace Edging In Linen TB68UNK 27 R6S1a

Description: Continuous lace edging in natural beige linen color with rectangle shape in a ground.  Six straight talleys in the center of each rectangle. Rectangles are separated by a vertical row of 4 open centered spiders . The edging of this lace (seen at the top) also uses a trail and plaits.
Dimensions: 2 ¼” wide, 64 ½
History: This lace was also in the same larger box with the lace above and might be part of the same acquisition.

Bobbin Laces In Cotton 2018-43-67c Card 1 TB 68 R6Sa1 Lilla Kate Paramore Hart Collection

Description: The top lace is 3/8″ wide beading, the second is 1/2″, the 3rd about 5/8″, the 4th is 1″, the 5th 7/8″ wide and the last is 1/2″ wide.
History: These handmade continuous bobbin laces were common and could be purchased by the yard.

Flanders Bobbin Lace Insertion?85-455-39b 1-4 TB 68 R6Sa1

 Description: This lace is similar in technique and style to the Flanders lace above.
Dimensions: There are four lengths of this lace 42″, 83 5/8″, 133″, and 240″.
History: Again this was in the same box with the Bobbin Lace motif and may be part of that acquisition.