(Valdosta Mayor 1886-1887) N.A. Williams

N.A. Williams (1886-1887)

Newton Ancil Williams, son of Sampson G. and Elizabeth Williams, was born Ocrober 22, 1852 in Lowndes County. He graduated from the Dental Department of the University of Tennessee in 1879, being the first person to receive a dental diploma from the university. Upon graduation, he moved to Valdosta. In 1885 he was elected to the Georgia Board of Dental Examiners, serving for four years. In 1892 he was elected vice president of the Georgia Dental Society, becoming president in 1894. He was elected mayor on 1886. Additionally, he served as the first president of Ocean Pond fishing and hunting club, and the first president of the Valdosta telephone company. He died on June 8, 1913, and is buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery.