1970-Present Hats

Blue Porcupine Quills Hat 98-20-12 THB 1R13 Sa

From the Kitty Oliver Collection this fantastic large brimmed shallow crowned hat has a navy staw base and is decocrated all over with a swirl of navy blue dyed porcupine quills. It has a chin strap to secure the hat to the head in wind. Dated at possibly late 60’s early 70’s there was no hat maker stamp nor tag.
Crown:3” tall
Brim: 5”
Inside 17” Approx

Multicolored Knitted Hat 1972-67-7 THB 4 R13S

20″ diameter
5 1/2″ high
No brim

White Crochet Brimless Cloche 2010-25-060 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB47 R13Sc

White crochet clothe
Decoration: crochet flower,
Crochet with bulky synthetic yarn
Circa: 1970

English Straw Safari Hat 2010-25-036, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB61 R13Sc

Wide brimmed hat made of fine straw.
Crown: 4 ¼” high, small raised portion at top of crown
Brim: 4” wide
Band: 1 ½” wide, black pleated fabric,
Tag: “Marida, Made in England”
Lining: none

Gold Sunflower Felt Hat 2010-25-068 Peeples White Hat Collection THB47 R13Sc

Gold felt hat with wide brim
Hat band: 2” wide sequins.
Decoration:“Sunflower” is made from dyed feathers in gold and natural colored black down chicken feathers. A few natural colored black outer chicken feathers are added w/rhinestones attached.
Sweatband: Black grosgrain ribbon
Tag: “Mr. Hi’s Classic”
Body stamp: “WPL 5923, 100% wool in USA”
Brim: 4 ½” wide
Crown: 4” High

Louie Peeples White told the story that she wore this hat to Queen of England’s Garden Party but was asked to leave when it was discovered that by chance she had on the same hat as Queen Elizabeth! Supposedly as Louie Peeples White was leaving, the Queen nodded to her. This story has not been researched.

Natural Colored Loosely Woven Sinamay Hat 2010-25-076 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB 62 R13Sd

Sinamay made from the abaca plant
Hat Band: same natural colored sinamay w/leaves in front and roses made from same material & painted.
Tag: Toucan Collection, N. Y.
High Crown: left side 4 3/4″,right side 3 5/8”
Brim: 2 7/8” turned up almost completely in front.

Black and Natural Color Sinamay Hat 2010-25-078, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB59 R12Se

Airy natural sinamay hat with large brim
Crown: asymmetrical 4 ½” high at highest point
Brim: black large brim bends down approximate 1 ½”, total width 2 ½”-3”
Decoration: In front, Black feathers with extra long stems radiating from shorter center bouquet of black feathers
Hat Band: Same natural sinamay band around crown
Store Tag: “Fads & Fashions”
Maker tag: “Toucan Collection”
Sweatband: off-white grosgrain

Pink Sinamay 2010-25-077 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB68 R13Sb

Natural material dyed pink hat with asymmetrical crown with wide brim
Tag: “Toucan Collection, New York”,
Large feathers on long stems w/large pink rose in front,
Brim: 4 3/*”wide,
Crown:5” tall square
Mad hatter style with sinamay hat band
Store tag: “Fads & Fashions
Inside band: Grosgrain ribbon
Hat band: sinamay ribbon 2 3/8” wide

Straw Hat 2010-25-117 Louie Peeples White THB 67 R12Sbe

In “Julius Garfinckel & Co, Washington, D. C” hat box
Band: 1 ½” black grosgrain ribbon
Brim: 3 1/2” upturned
Crown: 3”
Inside band: none
Lining: none

Wide Brimmed Gray Wool Felt Hat 2010-25-050, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB30 R13Sb

Decoration: Rhinestone quadruple bow and a double band, rhinestone square buckle that’s 2” long, 1” wide, long brown feathers w/rhinestones & rhinestone flowers
Designer Tag: band “Deborah Fashions”
Body Stamp: “WPL 5073 100% wool, Made in USA”
Store Tag: Fads & Fashions
Brim: 3 ½” wide in front, side brims turn up and are 5” wide
Crown: 4”.
Circa: 1970-80s

Red Felt Round Hat 2010-25-181, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB 67 R12Sb

Worn by Louie Peeples White showing spirit as an alumni to Valdosta State University
Crown: 4”
Brim: 2 7/8”
Hat Band: 3/4” red grosgrain ribbon band
Decoration: black feather on left-hand side,
Tag: “100% wool, Made in China, RN# 87429”

Red Felt Hat with Black Netting 2010-25-024, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB51 R13Sa

This was one of Louie’ People White’s hats that she wore as alumni for VSU.
Trim: Band of black velvet and mesh net, bouquet of cock feathers in natural black
Body Stamp:100% wool
Brim: 4 ¼” wide turns down in front
Crown:4 ½” H including netting

Red with Black Polka Dots Hat 2010-25-174 Louie Peeples White HatCollectionTHB52 R13Sc

  • Red straw hat with a black netting of black polka dots
  • Trim: Black band of feathers
  • Another of Louie Peeples White’s VSU school colors hat
  • Brim: 3” wide brim, netting extends to make 4” wide,
  • Crown: 2 ¼” H
  • A second very similar hat is red straw with polka dots netting pleated on the brim only, pictured below. It is possible that the netting was added to the second hat and netting as well as plumage was added to the first hat after purchase.

Red Straw Deep Pillbox 2010-25-029 Louie Peeple White THB64 R13Sd

In Schiaparelli pink hat box
Brim: faux brim formed from 3 rows of sculpture black polyester horsehair mesh netting meets top of crown in back decorated with sequin clusters
Trim: Bow in back made with same black polyester horsehair mesh netting tacked down w/sequin black flower clusters with streamers capped with sequin clusters
Tag: “100% polypropylene RN 40217, Made in China”,
Crown: 3” high

Black Wool Hat with Same Trim as Above 2010-25-028, Louie Peeples White THB71 R13Sb

  • Tag: “100% Wool, Made in China, RN# 92786”

Black Turban Style Hat 2010-25-184, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB 71 R13Sb

This hat is a combination of a turban and bonnet style.
Brim : 1/2″ velvet
Crown: polyester tubes gathered in front and back over black netting,
Tag: ”Connor Rego, Made in England”,
Lining: maroon in brim only, netting in crown area

Large Black Hat, Silver & Black Diagonal Stripes 2010-25-022, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB58 R12Se

Brim: large turned up brim of with diagonal stripes in silver and black edged with black gross grain
Trim: large black double bow in mesh netting and black satin with beaded & rhinestone center of bow
Hat base: straw
Store Tag: Fads & Fashions
Designer Tag: Essencehat.com

Shades of Brown Leather Crazy Patchwork 2010-25-175, Louie Peeples White THB62 R13Sd

Different colors of leather patched together in a crazy patch pattern
Trim: crazy hat pieces stitched with zigzag
Tag: “Genuine leather, Made in China, RN 13962”,
Lining: Black 100% cotton,
Crown: 3 ¼”
Brim: 3 ¼”

Patched Leather Hat 2 2021-070-01 Charlie Oliver Collection THB 87

  • Variety of shades of leather patched together with a zigzag as in a crazy patch quilt pattern
  • Tag: Fairweather all leather Size 58 CM # 105797
  • Lining: Black 100% cotton
  • Crown : 3 1/4″ high
  • Brim: 3 1/4″ wide
  • Circa 1970

Black Brushed Cloche Hat 2010-25–004 , Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB40 R12Sd


This large brimmed black hat is made of very soft slightly brushed wool which comes from the sheering or plucking of an angora rabbit. The brim is straight stitched in rows about 1/4″ apart for an understated detail.

Body Stamp: Borsalino Angora in gold
Designer Tag: Julia Spivak Washington D.C
Louie Peeples White had a keen interest in people, their abilities, and supporting their work. She lived in Washington D.C. with her husband who was working for Time Magazine and it is quite possible she might have actually met the designer Julia Spivak since this was her character to do so. She also acquired a Julia Spivak hat box which is now part of her hat collection at the museum.

Red Brushed Borsalino Angora Cloche Hat Louie Peeples White hat collection 2010-25-061 THB56 R12Sb

Body Stamp: in gold says Borsalino Antica Casa
Brim: straight stitching to edge of 4”,
Crown: 4” H
The designer tag is missing but it is similar to the one above only in a different color.

Cloche Hat in Beige Angora 2010-25-056, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB66 R12Sb

Hat box: Jos N. Neel Co., Est 1886, Macon, Fashion Second Floor
No band,
Tag: “Borsalino Angora”,
Body stamp in yellow “Borsalino”
This hat is different from the ones above in that the brim has no straight stitching and the tag is glued to the hat inside indicating this one probably came from the hat company in Italy. When comparing the hand of the fabric to that of the ones above, there is slightly more body to this hat.

Brown News Boy Hat 2010-25 -57 , Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB57R13Sc

Synthetic suede hat in dark brown
Trim: feathers on left side
Tag: Herbert Johnson (Also see Arthur White Man’s His hat -053 Quilted Wool Grey Green This hat was purchased later than the -053 as the company had moved to Old Burlington St, London Tag says Milano-Italia Alcantara 0233762.) This style does not have a brim or a button on top. Adjustable band inside.

Winter Green Silk Taffeta Turban Hat 2010-25-033, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB68 R13Sb

Green silk taffeta with permanent ties in back into a bow
Brim: none
Lined inside w/cream and grosgrain ribbon
Tag: none

Cream Colored Polyester Pleated Turban Style Hat 2010-25-34, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB68 R13Sb

Trim: Triple bow in back
Tag: ”Rizik Bros, Washington” & “Miss Mary New York”,
Lining: netting of cream color

Navy Blue Straw with White Trim 2010-25-023, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB46 R13Se

High crown straw hat with a wide oval brim
Trim: 3 White 1/4 ” straw zigzagged on crown and one white stripe zigzagged near edge of brim. Also large white silk flower plume to side.
Tag: “Chapeau Creations Designed by Ruth Kropyeld”,
Brim: Oval shaped, sides 6”, in back 2 ½”, worn at an angle as in picture below.
Crown: 4 ½” H

Gray Fine Large Brim Linen Hat2010-25-070 Louie Peeples White Hats Collection THB46 R13Se

Many times Louie Peeples White collected a hat to tell a story. This is one such hat and tells the story of a man born in Dublin and his love for natural fibers and especially Irish linen. This hat is made of natural colored linen.
Trim: with a simple 1 ½” gray grosgrain ribbon & bow”
Brim, 4
Crown: 4 ½”
Designer Tag: Paul Costelloe made in Ireland
Circa: 1980

Natural Fine Straw Hat2010-25-073, Louie Peeples White Hats,THB50 R13Sc

Hat Band: coarsely pink braided
Trim: six white feather poofs, feathers are glued to oval felt pieces,
Crown: 3 1/2″ high
Brim: 5 1/2″
Construction: crown and brim seperate pieces attached with raffia band. Enforced w/green braiding used for upholstery.
Tag: “Archie Eason” & “Burger Phillips Company, Birmingham, AL.”,
Circa: 1950-60
Due to unique construction of this hat, it might have been altered to fit a person and tags replaced

Tri Straw Cartwheel Hat 2010-25-037 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB46 R13Se

  • This simple elegant hat has a low crow and is made of 3 colors and sizes of straw-dark
    • brown, striped, and cream all platted together.
  • Trim: ¼” wide velvet hat band ties in bow in back. Brim tapers to the back.
  • Chin elastic strap
  • Lining: none
  • Size: 6 7/8”,
  • Tag: “Dobbs, 5th Ave, N.Y. and Burger-Phillips Co., Birmingham, Ala.”, stamp: “IMG 0093-0096, Dobbs Co. in business since 1930 in New York based known for high quality hats.”
  • Brim: Tapered toward back- 5” front, 2 ¼” b in back
  • Crown: 2” high

Beige Round Hat 2010-25-055 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB50 R13Sc

This wool cream colored hat is styled after a man’s Biltmore hat
Crown: 3 5/8” H clefted white long pile
Brim: 4” slightly turned up,
Hat Band :2 ¼” grosgrain with bow on left Tag: “Adolf II, New York, Paris”,
Body stamp: “100% wool, Excelia” “Made in U.S.A.” “Geo Bollman Company Inc.”

2019-09-67 Lucy Tomberlin Collection THB 79

  • White straw hat with multicolored flowers

2019-09-68 Lucy Tomberlin Collection

  • Dark navy blue hat with extra large brim
  • Brim trimmed in navy gross grain ribbon around brim for hat band and bow
  • Brim is wider in the front and tapers to the back

2021-0260039a,b THB 90 Patsy Giles/ Louie Peeples White Collection

  • Cream Polyester chiffon hat sheered onto plastic base
  • Crown: 4 1/2″
  • Brim: Chiffon stiffened double ruffle with turn up on one side
  • Band: 3/4″ velvet ribbon finished with tails simply overlapping
  • Inside band: velvet ribbon no lining or tags present
  • Circa: early 70’s
  • Store hat box: Belks with cream top and marron bottom , tie closure

2021-026-040a-c THB 91 Patsy Giles/ Louie Peeples White Collection

  • Two smocked brown black velvet hats with large covered button on top of crown ( smocked like pillows in 1 inch grade squares where one corner of square is drawn together by next square corner by means of a knotted stitch.
  • Lining: black netting along with pleated velvet drawn together to form the support for the inside top of the crown
  • Brim: 2 3/4″ made of unsmocked velvet
  • Crown: 5″
  • Store hat box: Carol Ann Shop Charlotte, N.C.
  • Circa 70-80’s