Modern Novelty Hats

A Grey And A Brown “Hillbelly” Hats 2010-25–063, -064 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB56 R12Sb

Made of felt and embroidered with chain stitch. Born in West Virginia and having a twin sister, Louie Peeples White’s humor was sometimes expressed in the hats. This one and the one below might be for her and her twin sister. There are several hats in her collection which are just slightly different. from the other indicating she might have bought “matching” hats for her and her sister. She also has in her collection, matching hats for her and her husband Arthur White. These are featured in the His and Hers collection. 
9 ¼” High
Stamped on inside of both hats Glenover Henry Pollak Co. NY 100% wool. This company was popular in the 30’s through 50’s

Black Modern Made Bonnet 2010-25-222 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB54 R13Sc

  • Machine made of tricot perhaps this bonnet was made for an event such as a Thanksgiving celebration. Hand made red acorns made of thread are pinned to the right side and on the end of each tie.

Accordion Style Vase Hat 2010-25-079, Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB55 R13Sd

  • Made of stiff paper in natural color. Vase hat expands into a hat with a brim. Bought at the Azalea Festival in Valdosta 8 ½” tall

Fish Hat 2010-25-080 Louie Peeples White Hat Collection THB55 R13Sd

  • This is the same style as the hat above. Also expands to a hat Painted colored stripes with fish fin made from craft foam sheet and cotton bug eyes at one side 8 ½” tall

Cotton Canvas Fishing Hat 2010-25-020 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Decorated with red double band with fishing lures, red/white fishing cork, buttons, band aids, and fishing flies.
Brim: 1 7/8”, Writing which says “If this hat’s missing, I’ve gone fishin’;
Crown: 3 ½” h top of the crown says, “Laid Back Fisherman’s Association.”
Lined on inside with white nylon netting.
Sweat band cut on bias
Label: “AMAPRO, 100% cotton, size, Made in China” Note: there were two of these hats and one in white and one in baby blue color -021 which was chosen as a “Traveling Hats Collection.”

Golf Green Hat 2010-25-140 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

  • Green “turf”(artificial grass) fabric and black polyester ribbing used for beret style hat Decoration: golf ball with fishing line attached to straw flag and felt hole) on top

Uncle Sam Style Hat 2010-25-176 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Made of polyester felt, Brim 3 1/8” wide
crown 7 ½” tall
Purchased for museum members and worn when Olympic Torch came through Valdosta (right in front of the museum) celebrating the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia. (The Lowndes County Historical Museum’s Olympic Collection will be featured on an Olympic page.)
Tag: “Made in China”

“Genuine Antique Persons” Hat 2010-25-223, Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Decorated with blue and red trim, with red writing “Genuine Antique Persons, Been There Done That, Can’t Remember”, tag attached, buttons
Crown: 3 3/8” h ,
Brim: 1 3/4”
Tag: Youngan Hat Company, Made in Suri Lanka, 1959 M”, cotton canvas
Beige hat exactly same in traveling hats

Red “Merry Christmas Hat”2010-25-224a Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

White cotton canvas with red/white trim and writing “If I’m Wearing This Hat, It’s a Christmas Party I’m At”, attachments related to Christmas hot glued on
Lining: white mesh
Tag: “Laid Back, Lifestyle Gifts, 100% Cotton, Made in China, M”
Crown: 3 5/8” h
Brim: 2”

Aqua Baseball Style Cap 2010-25-225 Louie Peeple White Hat Collection THB63 R13Sd

Decoration “Louie” written in fabric paint on large brim
Tag: “Made in China, PRT, RN #58584”
Elastic band in back

LCHS Traveling Hats

As part of the Louie Peeples White Hat Collection and in addition to the hats shown here, the museum also has a few prints, reference books, jewelry, paper weights, Christmas ornaments, and hair accessories with hats. The Traveling Hat Collection are modern hats that belonged to Louie Peeples White. These hats are available for loan for special specific occasions and require application through the Museum Director and Executive Board Approval.