Special Textile Collection-Evacuation

The items shown below are a synopsis of what is on our special textile collection racks. They are organized so that in case of a disaster these textile racks are handled first, thus we call them our evacuation racks. These items are in their boxes in loose  categories but the boxes themselves on the rack may not be in the same category. They are listed here by rack and box number. The items themselves will also appear under the proper category on their corresponding page for easy location for researchers. Only one photo of each item is shown here but more photos and information  may be found on their proper category page by clicking on the blue linked words and scrolling down to the proper item(s).

It is important  to note that not all the pieces that come to the  museum are in perfect condition but are a clue to our textile history. Before discarding a piece that is not in perfect condition but may have historic value, please contact a museum, a university, and/or a library. Once the piece is gone, the history may be lost forever! Some of these pieces are slotted for conservation in the future.

Rack 1 Evacuation 



TB2 R1 Evacuation1980-286-09 Abildgaard Cape
Black silk cape from the late 1800’s features a standing collar of pleated silk ribbon and was donated by Montine B Abildgaard .  Click on the blue to see more details of this cape. See Capes


TB2 R1 Evacuation 2016-51-24 Vallotton Collection
Black silk print angel sleeve with fringe short evening jacket. See Womans Fashion















TB2 R1 Evacuation UNK #1a,b Green and black matching jacket & skirt is circa1905-1908  See Woman’s Clothing

























TB2 R1 Evacuation UNK #2
This black floral netted and appliquéd leaf dress is early 1900 belonged to  Mrs. JB Jones.  See Woman’s Clothing

























TB 70 R1 Evacuation 1979-72-04
Periwinkle dress designed by Carrie Burnam Taylor (1878-1917)  and belonged to Caroline Smith Rose.  For a detailed description of this dress and a chance to look at its construction, please see the woman’s fashion page.


TB 70 R1 Evacuation1979-272-06
Black silk taffeta six gourd skirt from the EP Rose Collection. To see more details please scroll to this item on the Woman’s Fashion page.


TB 70 R1 Evacuation1979-272-05a-d  Long Scarf  E.P. Rose Collection


TB 25 R1 Evacuation 1979-272-01
Black ruched silk taffeta blouse with cream colored heavy silk and black embroidered cotton lace. Rose collection  Please see the Woman’s Fashion page for more details and photos.


TB 25 R1 Evacuation1979-272-02
Black silk  blouse with center front panel configured of 1” large tucks that are gathered at waist front . For more details and pictures please see this in Woman’s Fashions



TB 25 R1 Evacuation1979-272-03
Black tailored silk shirt  decorated with 3 sets of tucks and a shaped center front. For more information on this item see the Woman’s Fashion page


















TB 25  Evacuation 77163 TB 74R1Sd1One of the oldest textiles in the Lowndes County Historical Museum Collection is an 1849 silk shawl with silk embroidery.


TB 25 R1 Evacuation 1980-290 TB74R1Sd1
Woven Multicolored wool shawl. To view details please view the shawl page.



TB 25 R1 Evacuation 2010-26-009 TB74 R1Sd1
Shawl is circa 1970’s, owned by Louie Peeples White.  For more information on Louie Peeples White and Red Cross, please see the Red Cross Section of this web site by clicking here. For more information on Arthur White, please see the patches in the WWII Special Collection. There will be also more  information on this textile web site on her Hats, gloves, Woman Fashion, and accessories. Look for them in the future as we expand this web site!




TB 25 R1 Evacuation1978-193-07, 78-203 TB49 R1Sc2 Marie Crockett Collection
This black silk parasol is 28 Inches long from end to end and made with a folding handle. It opens to 17 inches wide. This item is fragile due to the inert nature of weighted silk.  More information is available on the museum page Fans, Walking Sticks. Parasols and Umbrellas.


TB 25 R1 Evacuation 2005-002-06,TB 49R1Sc2 Jennifer Altman Collection

This silk fan opens to 8 ½” long x 15 ¼” and boasts 4 ¼” elaborate gold & mother-of-pearl decorated wood slats extending from closure pin. To see more photos and information on this fan, please check out our page Fans, Walking Sticks, Parasols, and Umbrellas.