Yesteryears: Albums of World War II Memories

Years ago the Lowndes County Historical Society produced two books called: Valdosta Visions: Yesteryears: A Family Album of World War II Memories (Books 1 & 2).  The books were printed as calendars in 1995 and 1996 and featured details and photos of local World War II veterans from Lowndes County. The committee tasked with this project was chaired by Ed Willis (two-time Lowndes County Historical Society President) who, for several years, painstakingly collected the stories and photographs of this great generation of Americans.

These books document the men and women who survived as well as those who were lost in the war.  This record has also before been arranged as a slideshow presentation and enjoyed at public functions for many years.  This collection is highly valuable and we are very lucky that Ed Willis gathered these stories while so many of these veterans were still living.

We have uploaded these valuable records of local veterans to our website, for the public to view, in honor of Memorial Day 2013 and out of respect to those Lowndes County citizens who have given their lives in the line of service.

Below are both of the complete books, separated into three parts each.  You can search the documents if you want to find a local veteran you believe might be included.

World War II Memories, 1995 (Part 1)
World War II Memories, 1995 (Part 2)
World War II Memories, 1995 (Part 3)

World War II Memories, 1996 (Part 1)
World War II Memories, 1996 (Part 2)
World War II Memories, 1996 (Part 3)