Spanish American War and Prior to WWI

The Lowndes County Historical  Museum’s textile collection houses a couple of items which fit into the time line of the Spanish American War or before WWI. For more information on this time period, please make an appointment with the museum to visit the archives as well.


Zachariah Harrison Clark III Georgia Militia Uniform 1992-09 TB15 William Brannen


The Georgia Militia uniform which belonged to Zachariah Harrison Clark III  fits into this time frame. He was born 14 Jan 1863 Lexington, Oglethorpe, GA to Zachariah Harrison Clark, II (1810-1876) and Martha Rebecca Glenn Clark (1831-1891)

It is well worth noting that the Clarks were a distinguished family important to the United States and Georgia history, Broadening this perspective and going further back in this family’s history,  the Virginia Clark family line produced both George Rogers Clark who won  the title “Conqueror of the Old Northwest, and his brother William Clark who along with Meriwether Lewis explored the west. The North Carolina branch produced Elijah Clark who was also instrumental in Georgia’s history during and after the Revolutionary War. Clark County, Georgia is named after this man. The grandfather of Zachariah Harrison Clark – the clan originally from Virginia, moved to Elbert County, Georgia. Zachariah Harrison Clark III was given a formal education, which upon completion set up a business in Madison, Georgia but sold this to invest in the banking business. In 1896, he moved to Moultrie, Georgia and established the Moultrie Banking Company.  Among other accomplishments in enriching that community, according to Men Of the Mark Vol 6 p. 293  he was also appointed  as member of Governor Terrell’s staff with rank Lieutenant –Colonel and also Governor Joseph Mackey Brown on his inauguration appointed him member of his staff with the same rank. His speeches were  inspiring according to several news articles and was often invited in his later years  to  speak at various  functions in and out of town. He was also involved in various ways with the militia, again according to the Men of the Mark.  The museum houses his Georgia Militia uniform from around that period.

Zachariah Harrison Clark III married Elizabeth Ashburn 12 Jan 1892 in Eastman, Dodge, GA.  Their oldest child, a daughter, Anna Warren Clark born 29 Nov 1893 in Cochran, Bleckley, GA married Dr. Clem C. Brannen (1888-1949).  Their son Joseph Harrison Brannen became a doctor and practiced in Valdosta, Lowndes County, GA.

Joseph Harrison Brannen (12 Nov  1921-09 Sep 2008) married Vivian Mc Ilvaine (23 Apr 1923-19 Apr 2007) and they had two sons and one daughter: Joseph Clem Brannen- A member of the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum, William McIlvaine  Brannen, and daughter Jo Martiel Brannen.  Both Joseph Harrison and wife Vivian Brannen are buried at Riverview Memorial Gardens, Valdosta, Lowndes, Georgia.

Zachariah Harrison Clark III  and his wife Elizabeth Ashburn are buried in Westview Cemetery in Moultrie, Colquitt,GA. For more information on Zachariah Harrison Clark III and the Clark family, please visit the museum.


Captain Jacket Tb 59R11Sa1

This dark blue wool captain’s tunic length jacket has a front closure with hidden 8 hidden Tb59 R11Sa1buttons and a mohair dark green 1 1/4 inch wide trim, a choker collar that closes with a single hook and eye and gold epaulets on the shoulder with baby blue center indicating captain rank. The black label with gold lettering indicates that this uniform was made from the “M.C.Lillie and Co. in Columbus, Ohio Military & Society Goods.” The coat is fully lined with a black lining and a inner vertical pocket on the right side and a horizontal inner pocket on the left. Side seams are finished with the braid and left open with a button closure on the right side and with two hook and eye on the left side. The sleeves are lined with a stripped cotton. In the T.A. Faries Collection (see Civil War) there is an identical jacket of different size. This uniform is unfortunately still unidentified. If anyone has information pertaining to this uniform, please contact the museum textile staff. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Blue Wool Pants TB59R11S1a

These dress army blue wool pants have an 1 ½” white side stripes down side seams, 2 button fly w/hook/clasp closure, a 31” in- seam, 31” waist, and the back of pant leg are hemmed longer than front and are hemmed by hand. The inside lining is blue & white cotton strip and employs buckram to reinforcement the waist which has metal suspender buttons,and back adjustable placket with a metal clasp.The buttons and metal clasp have no markings. Unfortunately, it is unknown whom these pants belonged to. Any information that may help the museum textile staff is welcome.

Officer’s Hat Unk#1THB33R12Sa

This felted wool khaki hat is believed to be within the period between the Spanish American War and WWI. In addition to a narrow leather band,a khaki gross grain band and a khaki officer roping with acorn tassels encircles the crown. On each side of the crown is a single perforated star. Writing on the inside says ” F5.” The hat is finished with a leather sweatband inside, a size 7 mark, and a small khaki braided ribbon securing leather band where it joins. There are grommets for chin strap but no strap. The museum is still seeking information as to whom this hat belonged.  Information you might have pertaining to this hat would be appreciated.  Please contact the museum by the email listed on our site, telephone, or mail.

Brim: 3” wide
Crown: 14” tall









Spanish American Handkerchief TB 55bR10Sc2

Banner from the Spanish American War depicts phases of the war. The center gives full Spanish American War Handkerchief instructions with illustrations of the Remington Model 1871 in Spanish. This museum piece was donated by Pat Brooks Jr. whose grandfather brought it back from Cuba in 1898.

This piece is now on display in the main floor of the Lowndes County Historical Museum.

Detail of Spanish American War Handkerchief