This page is still under construction. Please be patient as the museum works to bring more laces to the website. The museum houses many different categories of laces.  The Handmade Laces Exhibit, now on display in the main floor of the museum, gives a look at several different types of laces including examples of crochet, knitting, tatting, hairpin, needle, and bobbin lace. For a more complete study of laces, please make an appointment with the museum several days in advance.

The Lowndes County Historical Museum houses a collection of laces, some handmade, and are pieces by themselves, and others are attached to fashion clothing but are noteworthy to be mentioned within this section. Since the laces are numerous, this section will not include a brief historical sketch of the person who owned or made the lace. This section is divided by techniques used to make the handmade laces and a brief section for machine made laces as well. Each lace has a corresponding number. Please use this number when inquiring about a specific lace.

Click on the blue links below to view specific lace types.


Bobbin Lace

Needlelace and Embroidered Lace

Knotted Lace, Macrame, Tatting, Netting

Knitting, Crochet, and Hairpin Lace

Machine Lace