Men’s Hats

This section contains hats archived in the museum which are part of daily costume. Most of the hats associated with organizations, military, law enforcement, firemen hats, or football helmets will be found under the specific classification under collections/textiles. For instance, you may find a WWI helmet under

Collapsible Top Hat 2005-006: Jennifer Altman Collection THB75R12Se

Inside maker says Jones, Parnelle, Lee & Company Savannah, GA. Hat is made of ribbed material. Trimmed with a ½” wide grosgrain black band with a bow on the side. Black silk lining. In dating this hat, business directories for Savannah were consulted. They first record Jones, Parnelle, Lee & Company in 1912 on Broughton, W. They change names in 1921 to Jones, Parnelle, Lee, Meyers, and Dasher. This hat was sometimes called an opera hat since opera required this formal wear. Men did not wear hats inside buildings so this hat collapsed and fit under the seat making it popular for such an occasion.

Brim front: 1 6/8
Hat height: 5 ½
Inside circumference: 21

Black Felt Hat 77-132-001 THB28R12Se

This top hat belonged to Willis Redden Carter (9 Sept.1872 d.4 Feb.1945). He is buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery. According to A History of Lee Street Baptist Church 1907-1957, and his obituary, he was a charter member of Lee Street Baptist Church. He and his wife Mary Clyde Carter had four children, Mrs. D.C. Smith, Mrs Lamar E Kemp, Alton D. Carter and Lt. Clyde Brown who served during WWII and was stationed at Turner Field, Albany at the time of his father’s death.

Material: Beaver, inside silk, leather band
Fully lined
Crown: 5 ¼ tall
Brim: 2 front and back and tapered up on sides
Size: 20 ½
Circa: 1912-1920

Black Felted Top Hat 2000-05-04THB28R12Se

This hat’s inside leather band is perforated with the words “Son Bray.” John Newton Bray (b. 22 May 1861 d. 14 Aug 1931), a native of Valdosta, GA was the son of Jasper (John) Newton Bray (1827-1915). and resided at 1203 N. Patterson Street. In the 1913 City Directory, the father is listed as John N. Bray and the son is listed as John N. Bray Jr. along with his wife Corie. Since they lived in the house together, they called John Newton Jr. “Son.” Therefore this hat belonged to him. In addition, the hat is stamped inside with a “Davis Bros. Valdosta, Ga.” Another stamp shows this hat to have originated with the “Young Bros New York.” In dating the hat the Georgia Gazetteer and Business Directory of 1881-1882 did not show a Davis Bros. business. However the R.L.Polks Business Valdosta Directory of 1904 shows Davis Bros & Co. on 124 N. Patterson St. According to several internet sources, it is believed that the Youngs Bros New York was also in business at this time. Business directories between the periods 1882- 1902 for Valdosta are unknown at this time so it is unclear when the Davis Bros business actually opened. The Davis Bros. Store was still in business in 1918-1919 directory but missing from the 1923 directory, concluding that this top hat dates between 1883 -1922.This also concurs with the dates Son Bray was living.

Crown: 5 1/4″ tall
Band: Wool twill 3/4″ wide
Inside Band: Leather 2 1/4″ wide
Lined: silk missing lining some places on the sides
Brim: Front and back 2″ wide, turned up on sides 3/4″ wide
Circa : 1883-1922

Black Felted Hat1988-532-1hTHB32R12Sa

This hat was marked with the last name “Durrenberger.” It is manufactured at Bennetts of London and another store stamp Young Bros. Brooklyn, NY 371 Fulton St. The elaborate stamp gives several addresses 199, 299, 1361 Broadway, 605-607-609 Broadway. There were several different addresses listed in the 1903 NY business directory, and in 1889 it listed just one 601 Broadway. Research was inconclusive as to a date. There was no family history given on this hat. If you have further information on this hat, please contact the museum. The inside band is missing; however, this reveals penciled numbers “81240 JC which were probably manufacture identification numbers.

Hat and band is beaver
Lined at top only, had lining on sides but deteriorated
Metal Vent at top
Crown: 19” tall
Brim: 1 ¾” wide (Tapering on sides)
Inside measurement: 22”

2020-55-20b Collapsible Top Hat (Opera Hat) Carol Hammond Collection

  • Dunlap and Company
  • Crown 6 1/2″
  • Hat Band: 5/8″ gross grain
  • Brim: 1 1/2″ wide in front and back finished edge with black gross grain ribbon, sides turn upward
  • Inside lined with silk black

See more of the Carol Hammond Collection of hat boxes on the museum’s page Hat Box Collections and Hat Accessories

2020-55-159 Brushed Black Top Hat Carol Hammond Collection

  • The one described here is on the stand in the photo
  • Crown: 5 6/8″ tall
  • Inside band: leather 1 5/8″ wide
  • Lined: Fully in silk
  • Brim: 1 7/8″ wide turned up at sides, finished with black gross grain ribbon
  • Hat band: 1 1/2″ wide felted ribbon

2020-55-160 Brushed Black Top Hat Carol Hammond Collection

  • The hat described here is one in the photo to the right
  • Tindale of NY
  • Crown: 6 3/8″ tall with vent at top of crown
  • Brim: 1 1/2″ wide, turns up at sides, finished with black gross grain ribbon, (shows wear at front where hat was tipped to the women as was custom at the time)
  • Hatband: 1 1/8″ wide gross grain
  • Inside band: blond leather 2 3/8″ wide
  • Lining: silk with silk stripe for crown inside top

2020-55-38b Green Forward Look Hat Carol Hammond Collection

  • Forest Green “Forward Look” Hat
  • Knox Custom
  • Inside band: leather
  • Inside: fully Lined, extra plastic protective liner over inside crown top
  • Brim: 1 1/2″ wide turned up all around
  • Hat band: 1 1/2″ wide gross grain ribbon with double bow on right side and small red feather
  • Crown: middle indention, 5″ tall

2020-550161,162 Knox Vagabond IV Hats Carol Hammond Collection

  • Hats: felt with crease stitched from center front brim to center back brim
  • No lining
  • Stamp: The Knox Vagabond IV
  • Crown: 7 1/2″
  • Brim: 2 5/8″
  • Hat band: 5/8″ gross grain ribbon with knot and short tails on side in the color of the hat
  • Inside band: 1 ” gross grain ribbon
  • Elastic chin strap
  • These hats conveniently roll and fit into a cylinder type hat box making this a sporty travel hat. See the Carol Hammond Collection on the Hat Box Collection Page

Derby Hat 80-296 TB118R1Sb

This black hat has the initials W.C.M. perforated inside on the leather band and stands for Dr. Winston Carlyle McKey (b Feb. 22, 1888 d. April 18, 1955 Sunset Hill Cemetery). His coat and tails were also donated to the museum and his coat inside pocket reveals the date 1914. Since we believe this to be an ensemble, it probably dates the hat as well. Research on the Knox Company in N.Y. confirms this date. Information on Dr. Winston Carlyle McKey and his wife can be found in Men’s Clothing on our collection textiles section of our web site. This hat was stamped “Knox Premier N.Y. ”

Brim front and back: 2 1/8,”sides turned up
Hat Band: Grosgrain ribbon 1” in black, tie at right,
Crown: 4”,
Size: 7
Circa: 1914

Men’s Newsboy Hat1997-1-05 THB29R12Sb

This wool tweed newsboy hat was given by Frances Paine Tapp. Her father was Travers White Paine (b. 25 Oct 1892 d.29 Sept 1966) who married Billie Briscoe the 9th of October 1915. He worked in Paine Hardware Store in Valdosta in the 1920 Census and the 1923 City Directory lists the address as 135 N. Ashley. A.H Paine was the president and T.W. was the treasurer. In the 1953 City Directory, Travers was the owner in the same location. The hat also has a “Converse & Co. Valdosta, Ga”. Stamp. The Converse Co. was in business early as noted in the 1904 Business Directory but was not present by 1937 located on 133-135 N Patterson St. Though this hat is still be in style today, the newsboy hat was in full fashion in the 20’s. Since we know it could not have been made after 1936 because the store was no longer in existence, we can date this hat circa 1920’s.

Red, green, off-white tweed
Leather band inside
Snaps to visor
Button at crown top
Visor: 3”
Inside: 21 ½”
Inside says:
Patrician, Tailored for Converse and Co. in Valdosta, Ga.
Circa: 1920

Quilted Beret UNK#1THB 40R12Sd

The museum is still searching for an acquisition on this hat. Black quilted synthetic fabric beret with black grosgrain band to finish edge The Monday, July 8, 1957, Valdosta Daily Times was used to stuff hat Lining: deteriorated, but was cotton, no tags nor stamps visible Date: 1957 or prior: dated for newspaper used to stuff hat.

2021-026-044a,b THB 95 Patsy Giles Collection

  • This hat belonged to Richard Trotter, Patsy Giles’ father
  • Classic Fedora in plaid fabric
  • Lining: Printed Satin
  • Label: Artstocrat
  • Hat box: Stetson
  • Circa 1960’s