Claude G. Godwin (1898-1953) (Tb 35)

Claude G. Godwin- Marine WWI Uniform

After extensive research, the museum believes this uniform belonged to Claude Godwin. One clue that led to this decision includes the correspondence of the sleeve stripes to the number of oversees tours. In addition, the stitched outline of the shoulder patch matches the division of Claude Godwin’s service in WWI. There is also verbal information with this uniform that it belonged to a Valdostan.

Another valuable clue existed in a separate uniform which belonged to Claude Godwin. He served in WWII as well as WWI. The museum houses his WWII uniform with his name handwritten on that uniform. This handwriting style matches the handwritten laundry marks on his WWI uniform. His son Dr. Claude Godwin also visited the museum and recognized his father’s handwriting in the laundry marks.