(Valdosta Mayor 1926-1930) Wilburn H. McKey

Wilburn H. McKey (1926-1930)

McKey was the son of Captain William Harrison McKey and Martha Ann Watson; he was born May 12, 1887 in Valdosta. He was engaged in wholesale grocery business in Thomasvill and Valdosta. He attained the rank of captain while serving in World War I. McKey spent several years on city council and on the city tax assessor’s board. He donated several acres of land to the city for recreational park use, known as McKey Park.
McKey had previously been selected as the mayor of Valdosta on June 25, 1926, to serve unexpired term of W.D. Peeples who died in office, June 1, 1926 (at the time he was serving as mayor pro-tem). McKey served a full term as mayor from 1928 to 1930. He died June 10, 1954.